Sunday, December 31, 2006

Glass Ornaments

May Co. Department stores sold this set of blown glass ornaments for one holiday season.

Soffieria De Carlini made these glass figural ornaments that were sold at the Smithsonian for a short time. Dorothy was made in blonde and brunette versions.

Susan Cherry made this set of Oz ornaments fully licensed by the Baum Trust.

I would say the creme de la creme of blown glass ornaments are made by Christopher Radko. Radko produced licensed Oz ornaments for the Warner Brothers Studio Stores. The Wicked Witch seen here was produced independently of Warner Brothers. Prototypes were made, but not produced when the merger between Time Warner and AOL forced the closing of the retail stores. Radko modified the witch's coloring and changed her name to 'I Mean Green' to avoid copyright infringement.

So far we have no glass ornaments of our favorite cairn terrier, but glass cairn ornaments by Joy to the World Collectibles would make lovely stand-ins.