Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mattel does it again

Remember last year how we all were scrambling because the 2007 Oz line was released early at WalMart? Then remember, again, how we scrambled, again, to find the Winkie and Winged Monkey giftset at KB Toys and Toys R Us. Mattel undoubtedly will upset a lot of the Wizard of Oz collectors who already have the Glinda and Wicked Witch dolls with this little gem. The Lullaby Munchkin is a Toys R Us exclusive. But, for now, she's only available packaged with the Glinda/Wicked Witch of the West giftset. I can only hope right now she's a teaser release for 2008 and that she'll be available for single purchase next year. As a collector and doll lover, I'm growing increasingly irritated with Mattel. It wouldn't be so bad if their reps were more forthcoming for info. So to all the folks who haven't purchased the witches yet.....congratulations. You get a free Munchkin. The rest of us just have to wait to see what the future holds.