Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hallmark Halloween Card

So far one new Halloween card has turned up at Hallmark stores. It costs $1.99. The Wicked Witch Musical birthday card has been re-worded for Halloween and the color scheme has been changed to reflect the holiday. It's available at WalMart and Hallmark stores. The Wicked Witch Halloween card from last year at select WalMarts seems to be more widely available this year. I saw it at my WalMart and it wasn't in this section of the country last year.
Thanks to Jim Whitcomb for the info on the musical card.
Lots and lots of new Oz news and I'm sure more will continue pouring in so please keep checking back. Scroll down to see news of the Happy Meal toys updated with a peek at some color photos and a new figurine from Michael Roche and the Yellow Brick Road store, not to mention the uber cute Charming Tails figurines.