Saturday, December 12, 2009

Just the Right Shoe

Finally! Oz themed shoes from Just the Right Shoe! They aren't officially billed as Wizard of Oz, but they sure look like a tribute to me! Raine debuted her new shoe collectibles in 1998. They are made of hand painted cold cast porcelain and stand at 4 inches tall. They were the first shoe figurines to hit the collector market and became an instant hit. The shoe figurines have garnered several collectible awards over the years. Shoes have been made to fit every taste and occasion, ranging from historical to fantastical and now to Oz!

Goody Two Shoes – Fall 2008

Everyone needs a fairy godmother, and Goodie Two Shoes has got the goods to make your dreams come true. A magic wand is strategically placed on the t-strap, for easy access, as well as the fairy dust that has been placed in the acrylic heel—poof—wishes galore! And what’s this under the sole of the shoe? $20.00

What a Witch – Fall 2008

Oh you know her. We all do. The name may not be the same, but we can all call her, What a Witch. Black patent leather body (sure it matches her heart); with green envy trim is cold to the touch. Wicked green and black striped heel, What a Witch is on the prowl and taking names… $19.00

Ruby Badd – Fall 2009

Here is a shoe for the ultimate wicked witch or princess; we will let them sort it out. A classic bow adorned with sparkling ruby gems, and ballet silhouette are jazzed up with hundreds of Ruby red sequins. Guaranteed to make any gal have a feeling she’s not in Kansas anymore. She’s ready to dance the night away with her Prince Charming… $22.00

Just the Right Shoe can be found at gift shops including some Hallmarks.