Monday, August 09, 2010

Miss Dorothy Gale

Dorothy has been re-interpreted as a blithe coquette high of heel and short of skirt as 2010
couture dictates, yet she's also youthful spirit and charm.

Her sidelong glances and mischievous smile seem to indicate she knows her ruby stilettos and matching handbag will be the envy of all in Oz.

Some are a little too envious, but with her loyal companion tucked safely in her purse, Dorothy journeys onward braving the perils of Oz. She knows you can't go wrong with cute shoes and a feisty dog.

After vanquishing her competition, she's ready to conquer the boutiques of Emerald City.

Dorothy's favorite girlish hairstyle has been updated with a sophisticated sweep to the side and tied with red bows. Her skirt is tucked into two tabs in the back of the box giving it a sweeping motion. Her peasant blouse bears beautiful stitching and the sleeves are accented with blue bows. Blue bows also adorn the thigh high stockings which are tucked into her hard won sparkling red heels. She comes with a COA and a doll stand.

*quote is not mine. It's been on plaques on eBay lately and I thought it was appropriate for this entry*

Miss Dorothy Gale is en route to Karen Owens. She has the vintage Barbies in stock as well. Check out her other fine collectibles while you're there!