Thursday, December 02, 2010

Early December Misc.

Bradford Exchange has just introduced a jacket for women priced at $119 plus shipping.

Celebriducks has added Glinda to their popular Oz line and as you can see they've designed snazzy new packaging for the Oz ducks!

F.Y.E. has added light covers to their Oz line. Please scroll down to see more. The Oz stockings are on sale for $9.99 and the light sets seem to be going fast. My store was temporarily sold out.

Byers Choice is well known for their Christmas carolling figurines. They usually stand around 12" to 14" This year they have introduced Dorothy and Toto as Christmas Dove exclusives. They are sold separately. Dorothy is $68.00 plus shipping and Toto is $20 plus shipping.

If you are wanting to get this year's Barbies you may not want to wait much longer. Mattel is sold out of the vintage Wicked Witch and Miss Dorothy Gale. They seem plentiful in the stores for now, but once they're gone they are gone.