Monday, May 09, 2011

Jersey Jack Pinball Update

As you can see from the links below progress on The Wizard of Oz pinball machine is coming along nicely. First up, you can see how the Wicked Witch model will work and read all about what you can do to make her melt! Be sure to listen to the sound clip for the game as well.

Next is a picture of the pre-tornado Gale farmhouse that will be on the play field.

Vending Times reported as of April, over 300 pinball machines have been pre-ordered sight unseen. The number will undoubtedly climb higher fast with the release of these sneak peeks. The Emerald City edition of the game will be in an edition of 1000. You can pre-order through Jersey Jack using this link:

or you can email or

It's possible Jersey Jack may be attending the Chesterton Wizard of Oz Festival this year. Stay tuned for more details......