Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jersey Jack - Left Playfield

Today Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc. is proud to unveil the left side of the playfield of the Wizard of Oz Pinball. 

This game is really packed from bottom to top with lots of mechanical toys and features which all add up to great game play and fun.
From the bottom up, last week we revealed the State Fair Balloon Bumper. This is a game below the game and spelling targets encourage the player to nudge the ball using that bumper as a flipper and trying to save the ball by returning it back up the lane into play or earn a qualifying game or even to get another ball awarded.
Moving up we now see the Crystal Ball Spinner shot that ties a spinning target to the Crystal Ball that will enable mystery awards and other qualified awards.
Next we see the three haunted Forest Tree Bumpers and some rollovers representing the main characters in the forest which reward point value and awards to the player.
Matt will be sculpting all of these bumpers so they are unique and add another dimension to the game.
Next we find the Wicked Witch of the West on the edge of the Haunted Forest where she will appear and disappear messing with the player. There are skill shots to hit her and make her melt into the playfield.
The upper left playfield is the Witch's Castle. Once up there you will have different opportunities for scoring and mode advancement. The player must also open the doors of the castle to rescue the Dorothy captive ball.
There is also a Winkie Guard drop target preventing you from entering the Witch's Castle so you will have to get by him somehow to get up to that Witch's Castle.
Many elements of the left side of the playfield represent the "Evil darker side" of the story we tell. Next we will show you more of the right side of the playfield.
Remember that there are only a few days left to reserve your game at the Pre-Order price of $6500.00
More updates are coming and next we begin to announce our factory authorized distributors in the US and Internationally.

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*Please Note*

The last day to receive the current Pre-Order Price of $6,500 is June 30th
On July 1, 2011 the Pre-Order Price will increase to $7,000
On August 1, 2011 the price will increase to $7,500

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