Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jersey Jack Design & Development Progress

This week we report on some of what's going on at the JJP Midwest Campus as the game design and development continues at a fever pitch. 

The whitewood (per PinWiki: a whitewood is an unpainted playfield  that is used during the development phase of a project to test a games layout) game is shooting and the Design Team are working on many elements and aspects of the game as it is no longer just a one dimensional drawing or a 3-D model.  

The continued input from every member of the Team as well as the level of new things that are created is amazing.  Jack said "my head is spinning like Dorothy's house". 

Chris Granner continues to make music,  Greg and Keith are working to place inserts in the playing field with a careful touch to incorporate rules as Greg gets ready to take pencil to paper to layout the artwork for the playfield. 

Jerry Vanderstelt is working to complete his seven works of art on canvas, now all in color and lots of mechanical drawings are going to Vendors to create all kinds of parts for game production.

Many people have asked what makes these 1,000 Emerald City games unique and collectible, here are
some of the things that make them special and prized:

*Limited to 1,000 games with each game having a special numbered plaque affixed to the game  on the front of the cabinet - # of 1,000  etc...

*Hand signed Certificate of Authenticity by Design Team with each game.  This will be produced in a special collectible way

*Body armor that has been treated in a special finish Matt has chosen with Jerry.  The four legs, side rails, hinges, lockdown bar, etc.

*The back glass is in a special mirror effect finish

*A custom topper will be unique to the Emerald City Limited Edition Game

*Included shaker motor which will be unique to the Emerald City Limited Edition Game

A number of other things are under consideration such as inclusion of non-glare playfield glass, goodie bag, spare parts package, leg protectors, etc.  are in the mix and we will disclose them in coming weeks. 

JJP is proud to announce that Norb from KingPin Games, Inc.  has been added as a factory authorized distributor.   Based in North Freedom, Wisconsin, Norb is a well known industry veteran who loves pinball.  See

More details during the week when we announce several more JJP distributors. 

This past week game orders topped 800 and there are requests internationally for an additional 360 games which will be allocated to allow for individuals to buy games but time is growing shorter to lock in a game for those who have not yet done so.

Stay tuned, much more coming soon.

Lower left playfield of whitewood game.  Shown without plastic set detail.

Quick shot of Matt and his first version of "Jumper Trumpers" (Jumping Tree Bumpers)

Closeup of preliminary clay  model for "Jumper Trumpers"

*Please Note*
On August 1, 2011 the price will increase to $7,500
If you haven't already done so

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