Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wizard of Oz Playing Cards by Albino Dragon

A Kickstarter campaign has launched today for the production of really beautiful sets of playing cards.  All cards will be an artist rendering.  No film stills.  It's wonderful to see original artwork on Oz product!!   These will be the same quality as the Bicycle playing cards you've used for years.  Albino is working diligently to bring us these marvelous little works of art.  There will be a unlimited deck with black and white illustrations and a limited edition 75th Anniversary set in full technicolor and packaged in a foil tuck box.  This Kickstarter campaign seems to be a fun way for Oz fans and playing card collectors to take a proactive part in production.  


Funding starts today and ends November 6
Please visit this link for more details and to support Oz!!

And visit Albino Dragon to see the fantastic artwork on their Princess Bride, GhostBusters, and Goonies sets!!!