Monday, April 27, 2015

Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2015

Available starting Ornament Premiere 
July 11th - 12th 

Ding  Dong the Witch is Dead

If I Only Had a Brain

You can hear the ornament clips via the online Dreambook:

During Ornament Premiere July 11th - 12th a special limited miniature ornament set will be available.
A Brain, A Heart, the Nerve

*Courtesy of Michele Bulger*

Also a reminder about the Madame Alexander Glinda Hallmark Keepsake Club Ornament.
Please see this link for more info about the Club or check with your local store:

Hard copy Dreambooks are available in stores now. 

Please see this previous blog entry for more from Hallmark:

And keep in mind.......last year there were resin and glass Ruby Slippers in Hallmark's B-line.  There could be additions starting to show up in September.  Stay tuned!