Friday, April 07, 2006

Breaking Hallmark News

The Magic of Glinda is a set of three miniatures; Glinda's wand, crown, and the ruby slippers. They are priced at $15.00

Glinda the Good Arrives is Glinda in her bubble also priced at $15.00

The Magic ornament is Dorothy and the Munchkins. Dorothy stands atop a spiraling yellow brick road that lights up while Munchkins peek out from the foliage. Dorothy speaks and the Munchkins appear and disappear as Dorothy rotates. This piece is $32.00

I didn't see another date specified so I assume these ornaments will be available in July.

Hallmark also brings us a Wizard of Oz tablepiece this year. "I'll Get You My Pretty" is the Munchkinland scene of the Wicked Witch threatening Dorothy. It lights up and moves. This is priced at $65 and will not be available until October. This is a Hallmark Gold Crown exclusive.