Monday, October 23, 2006

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Curiozity Updates

The Hallmark tablepiece has proven to be a very popular item even among non-Oz collectors. Many stars around the country sold out their stock within the first hour of opening on October 7th. ‘I’ll Get You My Pretty’ is a lovely, animated recreation of the Wicked Witch’s confrontation in Munchkinland. Be sure to check your piece carefully. I’ve heard of faulty paint jobs and pieces not working. Good policy when buying any collectible. If Hallmark Gold Crown retail stores are unable to reorder they are more than happy to attempt to track down a piece for you or you can order direct from  Please see the video to view the piece in action.

The Wizard of Oz trading card boxes from Breygent sold out very quickly, but rest assured, no one need miss out entirely. Breygent recently made two new introductions. The first is a nifty wooden box containing 10 packs of cards. Oversized sketch and prop cards are randomly inserted. Only 2000 boxes have been produced so don’t wait too long if you are considering buying this. The box will be useful storage for your trading cards or any other small Oz treasures. Prepackaged sets of cards in an edition of 500 are also now available. In addition to the 72 base cards, the set includes 5 promo cards and one sketch card. There is a second series of cards in the works, but approval is still pending from Warner Brothers.

I found a white long sleeved a t-shirt by Quail Hollow. It reads “Are you a good witch or a bad witch?” with an illustration of ruby slippers and striped witch socks. This was hanging with the Halloween shirts at my local Fred Meyer.

There’s been a recent surge of Oz paper products. The Current Catalog offers exclusive 12 x 12 scrapbooking papers in various designs, 2 sets of stickers, and a set of note cards. Thanks Karen O. for this info! 
Anthony Grandio, who has produced Oz personal checks for years now has address labels. Perfect for paying all those Oz related bills or happier Oz mailings.  And in case you missed them, Colorful Images carries address labels and other assorted paper goods.

The highly anticipated Wizard of Oz Celebriducks should be available for purchase any day now. Wizard of Oz festival attendees last month were treated to a sneak preview and the precious few sets were snapped up quickly. These are limited in number and will undoubtedly be sell outs.

Virginia Turner has introduced Glinda to her dazzling Oz line in her recent newsletter. Glinda is a real beauty.

And lastly, a couple of pieces of jewelry to report. Ashton Drake carries a flip flop shoe pendant encrusted with ruby like Swarovski crystals. The familiar phrase ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ is engraved on the reverse of the shoe. The pendant measures 1 inch and comes with an 18” gold plated sterling silver chain. The ‘There’s No Place Like Home Swarovski Crystal Pendant’ is priced around $40 plus shipping and the item no. is 03-00789-001-B Thanks Jim W. for the info.

Finally, we have the GORGEOUS ‘Wizard of Oz Over the Rainbow Charm Bracelet’ from the Bradford Exchange. There are 9 charms of Oz icons with quotes from the film on the reverse of each charm. The bracelet is 24K gold plated with swarovski crystals accenting the charms. The price is around $119.00 plus shipping. Item no. for the bracelet is 01-02813-002-IVL. This stunning bracelet should be finding its way into a lot of Christmas stockings this year! Both the Ashton Drake pendant and Bradex charm bracelet can be ordered by calling Collectibles Today at 1-877-268-6638. Thanks Robyn B!!

Hard as I try, it’s impossible to keep up on Oz collectibles by myself. Thank you again to Karen O., Jim W., and Robyn B for the heads up on all of the wonderful Oz items.