Monday, August 09, 2021

Loungefly and Eight3Five Present The Wizard of Oz!!!!!!!!


Loungefly is another company I was SO longing to see Wizard of Oz from.  We have been lucky with Oz fashion and accessories the last few years and I'm ecstatic to add Loungefly to the list!!!!!!!

The Wizard of Oz mini back packs and wallet are exclusive to Eight3Five for the United States and Hooks UK for Europe.  They go on sale Friday the 13th with various options but there are only a worldwide edition of 2000.  The times are as follows:

UK - 5 PM

United States Eastern - 12 noon

United States Western - 9 AM

Emerald City Backpack

£69.99 / $79.99

Flying Monkey Backpack

£69.99 / $79.99

Flying Monkey Wallet

£34.99 / $39.99

Flying Monkey Backpack and Wallet Set

£99.99 / $114.99

Limited Edition Full Bag and Wallet Set with Notebook

£169.99 / $194.99

Full sets are limited to 1 per person
Bags and Wallets are limited to 2 per person
Expected to ship in October but subject to change

More images and info coming Wednesday!!!

Please planned accordingly for your time zone and GOOD LUCK!!

Unique Vintage Wizard of Oz Collection


Unique Vintage is exactly as the name states.  Unique designs inspired by yesteryear and the love of pop culture.  Unique Vintage is a company I've been coveting a very, very long time.  I am beyond delighted with this enchanting new line!!!!!!  

Retro Tee


Yellow Brick Road Gellar Swing Skirt


**on sale for $61.99**

Land of Oz Hair Scarf


Dorothy of Kansas Hair Scarf


Haunted Forest Hair Scarf


Dorothy of Kansas Alexis Swing Dress


If you're a total Dorothy girl like me, you may want to have a good look at the Unique Vintage Website.  Hint search for poppies and gingham.


Academy Museum

 The eagerly anticipated Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is slated to open Sept. 30th.   Nestled in the 5000 square feet of Hollywood Heaven will be The Wizard of Oz Gallery featuring the Ruby Slippers.  Of particular interest to Oz collectors will be the Academy Museum store located in the lobby.  Academy souvenirs will also be sold online.  Admission tickets are on sale now. 

Costume designer Arianne Phillips serves as creative director for a Wizard of Oz clothing line which includes t shirts designed by Arjun Bhasin, Sharen Davis, and Sandy Powell.

Jeremy Scott will be presenting Wizard of Oz clothing and accessories from Moschino. 

I am beyond thrilled that a movie that didn't win an Oscar in the major categories is still being revered as the iconic classic it truly is.  May the Academy Museum thrill and educate enthusiasts and filmmakers for many years to come. 

Please see these links for more info:

Toy Factory Wizard of Oz Chibi


So very excited over the new amusement plush from Toy Factory!!! I've wanted to see Wizard of Oz characters as Chibi for a long time.  I hope this is the start of a new merchandise line from WB. Wizard of Oz Chibi are so cute!!!!

Keep in mind these are amusement plush and not sold to the general public.   They are available from claw machines, push machines, amusement park games, etc.  Much to the relief of collectors, they've been known to show up on eBay.  They are 7" to 9" tall.

Right now they are listed as out of stock but hopefully we'll be seeing them soon!!

Masterpieces Inc. Puzzles 2021


I was more than delighted last year when Masterpieces Inc. released a puzzle with an original image on it.  I was thrilled to see someone putting some effort into The Wizard of Oz.  They've done it again this year with even more stunning imagery.  I don't know who the artist of this fine work is but major kudos are in order for this gorgeous vision of  Oz!!!  

Check with your favorite puzzle retailers. The new puzzles should be showing up now.

Noble Toys Wizard of Oz Bendy Figs


The toy division of the Noble Collection has recently announced a WONDERFUL toy figure line that features such esteemed properties as Gremlins, Universal Monsters, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, DC Heroes and Villains, and now The Wizard of Oz.  Bendy Figs are described by The Noble Collection as 

'A BRAND NEW Toyllectible line of figures with highly detailed sculpts in a bendable form factor to pose and display.' 

And indeed, this first peek of the Tin Man shows us how highly detailed these figures are.  I LOVE the term toyllectible!!!!!!   The Noble Toys Harry Potter line are some of the most intricate, beautiful toys I've ever seen and I sincerely hope that The Wizard of Oz will get the same treatment.  Next time you are in a Barnes and Noble, I highly suggest taking a minute to browse through the Harry Potter toys so you can get an idea of what we may hope for Oz.  The 80th Anniversary was, sadly, pretty lackluster.  I'm hoping we'll see a little better for the 85th.  It seems it's been a long time since we've had figures of any kind and toys are very much needed to perpetuate the love of Oz in children.  And The Noble Collection has wonderful lines to appeal to adult collectors, it would be fantastic to see Oz among those ranks as well. 

Hopefully, we will get a peek at another character very soon!!!

Bendy Figs stand around 7" tall and come with detachable display bases.  They will be attractively packaged on blister cards.  Retail should be around $14.99 each

Sunday, April 18, 2021

More on the Wonderous Wizard of Oz Collection from Cakeworthy!!!!




Cakeworthy’s New Collection Will Take You Over The Rainbow!


TORONTO, April 16, 2021 – Calling all Ozians, get ready to dazzle in Cakeworthy’s new whimsical The Wizard of Oz Collection. This latest dedicated capsule collection is sure to delight all fans of the classic film on both sides of the rainbow and all while staying true to the Cakeworthy fashion-forward style.   

Cakeworthy is excited to celebrate the film’s legacy of over 80 years by taking fans back down the yellow brick road and beyond in a variety of different unisex styles and prints, adorned with many of the movie’s most beloved characters, the good and of course the wicked! Fans will be excited to see that the line-up also includes the famous Dorothy blue and white gingham in the form of the popular Cakeworthy flannel.

Cakeworthy founder and CEO, Brandon Shedden added “There are very few movies in history as recognizable as The Wizard of Oz - we couldn’t be more excited to add our Cakeworthy touch to something so beloved and monumental.”

The Wizard of Oz x Cakeworthy collection is available now online at

Join the conversation on social: #Cakeworthy

Facebook: Cakeworthy

Instagram: @cakeworthy

Twitter: @cakeworthystore


Founded in 2014, Cakeworthy is a fashion label designing unisex streetwear apparel and accessories for anyone with a taste for sprinkling some fun into their wardrobe.

In conjunction with the world’s top brands and franchises, Cakeworthy provides premium, limited-run collections inspired by bright colors, bold prints and graphics, iconizing 80s and 90s pop-culture through clothing we always wanted as a kid.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Cakeworthy Lookbook Drop!!!

 Wow, Over the Rainbow am I with this new collection and surely other Oz fans will be too!!  I am beyond thrilled to have more clothing offered than t-shirts!!!

The Wizard of Oz presented by Cakeworthy goes on sale tomorrow!!!!

Pricing not available yet, but I suggest searching their website for comparable items to get an idea and don't forget to join us on the yellow brick road Friday April 16th at midnight!!!! 

Photos Courtesy of Cakeworthy

Monday, April 12, 2021

Cakeworthy Wizard of Oz Clothing Line

 Cakeworthy, a Canadian clothing company is known for its whimsically designed fashions based on pop culture.  They currently carry Universal Monsters, Looney Tunes, Disney and Harry Potter among others.   Friday April 16th they will debut their Wizard of Oz collection.  They recently offered a sneak peek via social media.  Visit and check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter.  

 Thank you to Julie Groder for sharing this wonderful news!!!!  

Hallmark Wizard of Oz 2021


Nice lineup of ornaments for this year!  After last year's success with Dorothy and the Winged Monkeys, I'm really happy to see a follow-up this year of Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of the West.  All the Oz ornaments will be available on July 10th during Ornament Premiere.  However, the Dreambook and Wishlists will be available in store and online April 15th.  

It wouldn't be a Hallmark Christmas without ruby slippers would it???  

Ruby Slippers

fabric accents


Courage, Brain, Heart

Metal & Fabric


Give Me Back My Slippers


Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Ikon Collectables Courage Medal Now Shipping!!

 Here are real life photos of the eagerly anticipated Cowardly Lion's Courage Medal by Ikon Collectables courtesy of Dell Matheson


Only a few collectors have received theirs so far, so the jury is mostly still out, but the real life photos are sure stirring up buzz on social media.  Collectors are happy to finally have an authentic replica versus costume accessory medals.  We can't wait to see what Ikon Collectables has planned next!!!

For more info and to order please see

Sunday, January 03, 2021

Jim Shore Wizard of Oz Ornaments 2021 UPDATED


These have been a long time coming!!  

Available around July 15th.  

SRP: $24 each

UK sites are taking preorders so check with your favorite stockist.   Storyland Collectables is now taking preorders for the US.  Email through website or message through Facebook to reserve yours now!!!

Thank you Julie Bristow and Karen Owens of Storyland Collectables for the updates!!