Monday, October 12, 2020

Wizard of Oz Christmas Sweater from Numskull!!!!!


WOW!!  This was literally a dream come true!!   For years,  I've wanted a Wizard of Oz Christmas sweater ugly or otherwise, and Numskull finally delivered!!  I simply can't say how THRILLED I am!!

One can hardly call this sweater "ugly" in any sense of the word.  It is really gorgeous work in design and execution!  It is one of the nicer clothing items produced since the Warner Brothers Studio Store clothing in 1997\1998.  Also quite the relief to have something offered besides a t-shirt.  This sweater is 100% knitted with high quality soft yarn.  The wreath is real applique' and the other designs are interwoven into the yarn.  This is not cheap printed on junk!! I love how this sweater is holiday centric with Christmas motifs of holly, poinsettias, snow flakes, a wreath and Toto too!!  It is distributed exclusively through Geek Store. Available in a wide variety of sizes.  I found mine to be a little big and I love this sweater so much I may order another smaller one.  

If you are into pop culture, check out Numskulls other Christmas sweaters.  There's something for everyone!  I hope they expand Oz into their other lines and do more sweaters!  I'd love an every day sweater, more Christmas, and Halloween for sure!!! 

More details and check out Numskull's other great merch!! The Lost Boys ducks are a hoot!!

To order and note: The Wizard of Oz Sweater is among the best sellers!!

Build A Bear Wicked Witch of the West

 This was a fun Halloween surprise!!!!!!  Build a Bear introduced the beloved Wicked Witch of the West!!!  Collectors that have acquired her so far absolutely LOVE her and she's very true to the photos on the website.  She is an internet exclusive so save yourself a trip to the store.  She is available in the United States and the United Kingdom.  I love the detailing on her paws of the Wizard of Oz logo and portrait of the Wicked Witch of the West.  I wish they had done the whole Oz collection with this kind of quality.  Here's hoping they still will!!  

$49.00!!  A bargain for a 16" bear of this quality!!

The costumes for Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion are still available!

Wizard of Oz Limited Edition Courage Medal by Ikon Design Studio

 Ikon Design Studio follows up their very successful Ruby Slipper Replicas with the Cowardly Lion's Courage Medal.  A screen accurate Courage Medal has been on many Oz collectors want lists for a VERY long time!!   Edition size to be determined and expected ship date is the end of December.  The medal measures about 4.72", around 7" with the ribbon and comes with a black felt display box.  Collectors raved about the Ruby Slippers so I expect nothing less from the Courage Medal.  The medal is very reasonably price at $50.44 from   The second edition  Ruby Slippers are still available and you may want to check out Ikon's Wizard of Oz pins, puzzles, and drinkware as well.

Mondo Wizard of Oz Prints by Paul Blow and Pins by Matt Taylor

 First, I am SO very apologetic for not getting this up much sooner!!  The variant sold out in minutes as Mondo releases are apt to do and the sepia was a sell out in the next day or so.  There are some available on ebay and if you are patient and really look, the secondary prices weren't too bad last time I checked.  

Sepia Edition of 250

Purple Variant Edition of 125

These wonderful Wizard of Oz pins of Dorothy, Toto and the Ruby Slippers are still available. $10 each.  They are the nice quality Mondo is known for.  Designed by Matt Taylor

No. 7 Wizard of Oz Make Up Collection


No 7 make up has collaborated with Warner Brothers to release a brand new make up collection for the holiday season.  Lip sticks, lip glazes, eye shadows, eye liners, all inspired by Wizard of Oz characters. 

Available now via   

The Ozsome Advent Calendar: 12 Days in the Emerald City shown above will be available later this month.

The Wonderful Duo Nail Gift Set

Nail colors: Emerald City Green &Brave Gold

Emerald City Gem Cosmetics Sponge

Dorothy Lip Glaze Collection 

Ruby Slippers Red, Munchkin Pink, Glinda the Good Witch Nude, Wizard of Oz Bronze
*I'm not seeing pink in this so I wonder if the Munchkin Pink is a mistake and the color isn't Toto brown instead??*

Emerald City Collection 

Dorothy Red Lipstick, Black Mascara, Yellow Brick Road mini highlighting palette, Ruby Slippers mini eye palette, limited edition powder brush, limited edition double ended eye shadow brush, velvet bag

Dorothy Duo Eyes and Lip  Gift Set

Last Impact Black Mascara, Dorothy Red Lipstick

Yellow Brick Road Highlighting Palette

Glinda the Good Witch WhiteGold,  Glinda the Good Witch Pink, Glinda the Good Witch Bronze, Glinda the Good Witch Gold

Emerald City Eye Palette

Shades:  Crystal Ball, Shimmer, Toto Brown, Tin Man Silver, Cowardly Lion, Heart Bronze, Tornado, Shimmer Charcoal, Broomstick Brown

Ruby Slippers Brush Collection

The Power of Eyes Collection

Lash Impact Ultra Mascara Black, Eye Shadow Pot Emerald City, Eye Liner Cyclone Black, Eyeliner Emerald City Green Shimmer, Limited Edition double ended Eye Shadow Brush

Forthcoming Advent Calender


Monday, August 03, 2020

Ikon Design Studio Ruby Slippers Yellow Brick Road Edition Review

I  never thought I'd own authentic replica Ruby Slippers.  In part because there is so much Ruby Slipper product, one could build an entire collection around just them, but also because aside from the Ikon Design Studio pairs, the last authorized replicas were priced at $5000  in 1989!

Last year, Australian based Ikon Design Studio released a very successful sell out pair with a run of only 250.  After seeing overwhelmingly enthusiastic responses from collectors, I regretted not acquiring a pair then.  In January 2020, Ikon announced a second pair dubbed 'the Yellow Brick Road Edition.'  This pair is modeled after the cross matched Smithsonian/recently recovered stolen RubySlippers.  While extensively researching for a blog entry to tie in to the Night at the Museum sequel Battle of the Smithsonian, I fell head over heels in love with the Smithsonian and the Ruby Slippers they housed.  Upon seeing the introduction of Ikon's latest replicas, I knew I would not lose out to the Wicked Witch a second time!!! 

It was a long 6 month wait, but well worth it.  All in good time, my pretties!!  There's always anxiety waiting for collectibles to arrive.  I've had my fair share of breakage and loss.  However, they arrived safe and sound.  Rest assured, Ikon Design Studio has enveloped the Ruby Slippers sufficiently for international travel and maximum protection from tornadoes and winged monkeys. 

I absolutely love all the ingenious nuances Ikon Design Studios has put into this project from the meticulously reproduced intricacy of the sequins and the bows to the fun graphics on the shipping box.  

Along with the slippers you get a Yellow Brick Road inspired acrylic case for easy display.  I wish more designers of collectibles would include display cases and stands.  

Having never seen a screen worn pair of Ruby Slippers, I was a little taken aback by their size!! They were smaller than I'd envisioned though I'd always heard Judy Garland had small feet.  

The Ruby Slippers are encased in a durable shoe box inspired by Dorothy's gingham dress.  The lid is emblazoned with a red foil Wizard of Oz logo and a Dorothy label adorns one side.  Another side of the box proclaims Dorothy's sentiment 'There's No Place Like Home.'  There is a photo of Dorothy with the Emerald City on the bottom of the box.  Also included is a metal numbered plaque to place in or on the display case anyway you wish.  

The shoes themselves are magnificent!!!  They took my breath away as I opened the box.  I love the way the sequins cast reflections everywhere.  They are the same brilliant scarlet hue as they appear on celluloid.  In actuality, the Ruby Slippers are a much deeper, darker red.  Some have compared them to the color of dried blood, an adjustment needed for the 1938 ground breaking, technicolor filming process.  Had they been true red, they would glow orange. When the Kleig lights hit the shoes, they would shine the dazzling shade of ruby we all love.

The soles of the shoes have been stamped with the size of 5C.  Orange felt was used to muffle the sound of the shoes while filming the dance sequences and so orange felt as been affixed to the soles of these reproductions.  Judy Garland #6 is inscribed in each shoe.

I was dismayed (for about 2 seconds) to see the sequins on my pair weren't absolutely perfect.  But I recovered very quickly remembering the Smithsonian pair of the Ruby Slippers are the most worn.  Then my heart melted all the more. 

One small suggestion would be the inclusion of a full color pamphlet with photos and info about the basis and construction of the shoes.

Minor criticism aside, from the design to the distribution this is an A+ masterful, recreation of the most famous footwear in history.  They're a gorgeous centerpiece suited for any Oz or Judy Garland fan or film buff.  I am so behind the moon, beyond the rain, WAY over the rainbow ecstatic to have added them to my collection. 

These can be purchased from Popcultcha in Australia or Sideshow Collectibles in the United States, but hurry, only 400 were made. 

Now where and how to display them. These things must be done delicately.......


Sunday, July 19, 2020

Ikon Design Studio Ruby Slippers Yellow Brick Road Edition NOW SHIPPING!!!!!

Ikon Design Studio

Edition of 400

Ruby Slippers come with Yellow Brick Road inspired acrylic display case, a serial numbered plaque, and a Dorothy inspired gingham shoe box. 

The recently recovered stolen pair of Ruby Slippers and the pair on display at the Smithsonian (which are cross matched) served as the models for Ikon Design Studio's replicas. 

Ikon Design Studio's first edition Ruby Slipper replicas were sell outs so please don't hesitate. 

Ruby Slippers can be purchased from

Popcultcha in Australia