Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Alex and Ani Wizard of Oz Collection

Alex and Ani Store Window
Courtesy Ryan Jay

Glinda's Wand Charm Bangle Set of 3 

Yellow Brick Road Adjustable Ring Wrap

Heart Charm Bangle

Courage Charm Bangle

Diploma Charm Bangle

Emerald City Charm Bangle

Ruby Slippers Charm Bangle

There's No Place Like Home Bangle

Toto Charm Bangle

Dorothy Adjustable Trio Necklace

Free Shipping on all orders $75.00 and up
Other shipping starts as low as $2.95

Alex and Ani is made in the USA

Buy online or search for an Alex and Ani store near you

Big thanks to Ryan Jay for real life product photo!!

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Alex and Ani Day 4 Early Access Reveal: And Toto too!!

One of my very, most favorite Oz combos! Toto and Ruby Slippers!!   

Emerald City Adjustable Trio Charm Necklace
Online Exclusive

This concludes the early access sales.  Note the bracelets are sold out.  
Full collection debuts online and in stores tomorrow!!!

Check their website for Alex and Ani stores near you or authorized retailers in your area.

Monday, October 07, 2019

Alex and Ani Day 3 Wicked Witch!

I'm a Witch Charm Bangle
Online Exclusive

One more day of early access sales then full collection reveal on October 9th!!!

Alex and Ani Day 2 Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

Yellow Brick Road Adjustable Necklace

Yellow Brick Road Adjustable Cuff Bracelet
Online Exclusive

Saturday, October 05, 2019

Alex and Ani Countdown to Oz!!

 Alex and Ani's early access kicked off this morning with the reveal of a ruby slippers adjustable necklace and matching bangle.  Both are online exclusives.  This is day 1 of 4 which will take us right to the October 9th launch of the full collection!  Exciting!! And things are off to a roaring start it seems. The ruby slipper bangle bracelet is sold out already!!!!

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Coach Wizard of Oz Collection at Macys!

New Wizard of Oz Coach items are on  These are different than the outlet collection last year and they are priced accordingly.   I don't know if this is exclusive to Macy's or if more will be added to the line or if there will be more at the Coach Outlets this year.  Holiday season is approaching and it looks like we'll have to keep our eyes peeled!  Do a Wizard of Oz search on to see what is currently available.

$175 each


$85 each

$195 each


Jim Shore 2020 Sneak Peek

More Jim Shore coming next year!!  

Jim Shore shared a sneak peek sketch of a Scarecrow ornament!  Very cute! Looking forward to the rest of the characters and of course more figurines!!

Thank you Julie Bristow!

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Alex and Ani just announced their newest collaboration is The Wizard of Oz!!!!!!  Amazing news!!  I've been a long time admirer of Alex and Ani's amazing Disney pieces and I'm so thrilled they'll be joining us Over the Rainbow!!  Stay tuned for updates and a BIG Thank You to Walter Krueger of Wizard of Oz Collector's United for bring this to my attention!  Very welcome news indeed!!!!

Visit their Facebook page and sign up to be notified straight from the Horse of a Different Color's mouth!  You won't want to miss this!

Wizard of Oz Ankle Socks

As soon as I get mine and have more info, I'll update, but how adorable are they??????  I had to get them for Toto alone!  

They are available here for $15 plus $5 shipping for US buyers.  The Wizard of Oz socks are also available on the UK and Ireland sites as well.  

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Cousin DIY Bracelet Kits

I was really pleased with the quality of the keychains.  One goes with me on my backpack to work every day and takes a bit of a beating but still looks great!!!  I'm expecting no less for their new bangle bracelet kits.  I'm so absolutely in love with them!!!  I had no idea what they looked like until they were in my hands and I gasped loudly when I opened the package.  No such thing as too much Oz jewelry!  The charms are a nice thickness and very pretty.  Dorothy was hard for me to capture on camera as that bracelet has a lot of shine!  I'm working on getting more info but I hope we'll see more characters for the bracelets and other Oz product from Cousin DIY.   Right now the only new items are the Dorothy and Glinda bracelets which will be available on Cousin DIY site where you can use my code and Amazon.  They do keep trying for store placement so fingers crossed because Oz should be on retailers' shelves!!!

They are moderately priced at $15.00 each and there's a coupon code for my blog readers for 25% off on all Wizard of Oz products. 

Enter SHARON25 for your Oz savings!!
Shipping is free in the continental United States.

Big thanks to Cousin DIY!!! I love my bracelets and I'm certain other Oz fans will too!

Ikon Collectables Wizard of Oz Enamel Pins: Preorder with Popcultcha

I found these today while prepping for other blog entries.  In addition to the replica ruby slippers, Ikon will have enamel pins. Slated for release at the end of December.  I'll try to get more info about where to purchase.  Hopefully these will be for sale outside of Australia and I hope a Wicked Witch, Glinda and Toto will be added.   Preorder now for $7.08 each or get the set for $35.45

Jim Shore Released!!

The eagerly anticipated new Jim Shore line is finally making it's way to collectors.  Shown below are updated company photos and piece names.  

Adventure to the Emerald City

The Beautiful Land of Oz

The Gift of Ruby Slippers

So far I only own the Carved by Heart piece but I'm hoping that will be rectified very soon.  My yellow shelves were bought specifically for the new Jim Shore and Miss Mindy.

The 80th anniversary balloon ornament and the ruby slippers seem to be less available than the figurines. No idea what that's about but something to keep in mind if you want those pieces. 

Jim Shore and Miss Mindy can be ordered from Oz retailer extraordinaire Karen Owens

Wizard of Oz 4K October 29th

Check with your favorite retailer but the mass market 4Ks seem to be priced anywhere from $19.96 to $24.99.  Unfortunately, there are no new extras. But fans new to Oz or that haven't bought any DVD/Blu Ray editions from the past 5 years should be pleased. 

Best Buy Exclusive Steelbook

UK fans can by this Wizard of Oz Limited Edition Anniversary Collection

Ruby Slipper Replicas by Ikon Collectables

Limited to only 250 pairs these ruby slippers are authentically replicated right down to 'Judy Garland #7' written in the lining.  They come in a numbered case for easy display.  Projected release is February 2020.   Priced at $283.62 plus $12.50 shipping from Australia, these ruby slippers are a bargain!!  The last replica pairs made my Western Costume in 1989 had an asking price of $5,000!  

They look absolutely magical and will stand out in any collection!

Click below to pre-order from Popcultcha