Monday, April 04, 2016

Wish Factory Wizard of Oz Kawaii Cubes Review

Some of the hottest collectibles right now are small, cute Asian inspired plush.  Disney's Tsum-Tsums and Hallmark's Itty Bittys are enjoying tremendous sales right now and collectors are enjoying massive doses of cute and collectibility.  These new plush lines haven't quite reached the mania of the beanie baby craze yet, but you do have to be quick on the draw.  Just ask the Oz fans that missed out on Hallmark's Itty Bitty witches.  Wish Factory adds their interpretation of adorable with the launch of their Kawaii Cubes.  In my opinion, there is no such thing as too much plush and Kawaii Cubes are a very welcome addition. 
Dorothy and the Tin Man will be released in June. Shown here are the 2.5" sizes, but they will also be released in larger sizes of 4" and 8" and more characters will be added.  Looking at these little guys, it's hard not to crack a smile.  Their embroidered faces are very sweet and the Kawaii Cubes are velvety soft.  Their bottoms are weighted so they sit upright and they are designed to be stackable. Children and collectors will have fun reenacting scenes from The Wizard of Oz or creating new ones. Heck, the sequel to Tom and Jerry's Wizard of Oz is coming soon. You can add Tom and Jerry Kawaii Cubes to the mix and engage in hours of imaginative play.  

I'm glad Wish Factory chose to stagger the Oz releases as sometimes it's difficult to acquire whole sets at once, BUT they are limited edition so be sure to add them to your collections as soon as possible.  And it also draws out the enjoyment of collecting.  The affordable price of $4.99 for the 2.5" is a big plus as well.  

The only minor criticisms I have are although the toys are approved for ages 3 and up, I'd be hesitant to give them to young children.  Tin Man's funnel hat is glued on and could come off with a good yank as could the little arms and feet.  I wish Dorothy's hair had been designed a little differently because it tends to block her precious little face.  

All in all, they're great little collectibles and toys and nicely detailed for their small size.  I can't wait to see what other characters are planned.  I'll bet the Cowardly Lion will be beyond adorable and I'd love to see Toto, a Winged Monkey, and a Winkie Guard would be fun!

In addition to The Wizard of Oz, Wish Factory offers a wide range of Kawaii Cubes characters.  I already adore Bugs Bunny and the lavender Catwoman.  When you see these in stores, be prepared to take home more than you intend to!! They'll be sold at F.Y.E. stores and other mass market retailers. You can also support the Oz community by purchasing from all Oz retailer Storyland Collectables

I sincerely hope the success of The Wizard of Oz Kawaii Cubes will encourage Wish Factory to expand the Oz line into other areas. Oz fans really want more toys and plush.

I must thank Wish Factory very sweetly for sending me Dorothy and the Tin Man for review on The Curiozity Corner. And a big thanks for taking on the Oz license and making product collectors will love!!