Sunday, December 30, 2012

Smithsonian Origins of Oz DVD

Original Smithsonian Channel Documentary
46 minutes long
SRP: $14.95
Release February 12th 2013

Please see the Smithsonian Channel website for more information
On a related note just found what looks to be a really cute children's book about the mystery of the disappearance of the Smithsonian's Ruby Slippers
For more information on the history the Smithsonian has with the ruby slippers please see  my previous blog entries:

Wonderful Fashions of Oz Figurine Collection

As much as I adore the classic film characters, I LOVE snazzy new interpretations almost as much, collectibles that will really stick out in the collection. 
First in the series is the Wicked Witch.  $69.99 plus $9.99 shipping.  GORGEOUS!!!  
Item no: 903441


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Department 56 Snowbabies, Pillars, Classic Collection 2013

Snowbabies Guest Collection    June 2013
There's No Place Like Home
4" H by 2.75" L
SRP:  $25.00
Oil for Tin Man
4" H by 2.75" L
SRP: $25.00
March  2013
10" H by 8.5" W by 5.5" L
stone resin sculpture
SRP: $250.00
This new Pillar represents the magic nostalgia of the classic Wizard of Oz. The sculpted characters and sparkling city of Oz draw you in. Once you open it up you will discover Munchkinland; the yellow brick road; and quotes from your favorite characters.
Classic Collection   July 2013
Ruby Slippers Trinket Box
2.88"  H by 3"  W
SRP:  $18.50

Toto in Slipper Waterglobe
60 MM globe
3.37"  H by 2.5" W
SRP:  $27.50

Good Witch/Bad Witch Figurine

7" H by 4" W
SRP:  $45.00

Wicked Witch/Dorothy Waterglobe
60 MM globe
6.36" H by 4.87" W
SRP: $47.50
Dorothy/Toto Waterglobe
60 MM globe
3.13" H by 4.13" W
SRP: $32.50

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Steiff Miniature Dorothy 2013

From one of the biggest films of all time comes a dainty interpretation of one of last year's biggest successes! Presenting the 5 1/2" miniature version of Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz".

This version of the popular character includes all the features of the larger original, but in a petite size...with the exception of one major addition: the famous ruby slippers! This Dorothy boasts the trademark shoes from the film handmade from a sparkling red, very unique material. In addition, her nose and mouth are hand-stitched of brown floss. Whether you own the full-sized Dorothy or not, you'll want to get this delightful miniature Dorothy because no collection would be complete without it!

Made of finest quality cream mohair
Stuffed with synthetic filling material
Safety eyes
Surface washable
5-way jointed
With gold-plated "Button in Ear"
5 1/2" tall
Limited to North America and the UK
Edition of 1,939
ETA:  May 2013
SRP: $149.00


Monday, December 17, 2012

Steiff Toto In Stock

The eagerly anticipated Steiff Toto is on the way to retailers now.  You may find Toto under your tree this Christmas!!   The Dorothy teddy bear is in low supply right now and stock won't be replenished until 2013.

International Wizard of Oz Club Members are entitled to a 10% discount when they sign up to receive emails from Steiff.

It's Beginning to Look Like Christm'Oz

Santa's little helpers at Spooky Cool Labs have gone into overtime decking the halls with boughs of ozzy.   Munchkinland has been blanketed with snow in anticipation of Santa's arrival.   New buildings, fashions, decor, and missions have been added all with a cheery holiday theme.  

You can read more here at Spooky Cool Labs' official blog
Learn more about the game in my original post and with the many links included therein