Monday, February 04, 2019

Wizard of Oz Coming Soon from Origami Owl!!!!

May 2019  

Details coming soon, stay tuned!!!!!

Cousin DIY Wizard of Oz

I always love the excitement a new licensee brings to the land of Oz.  So many possibilities and artistic interpretations!!  Oz fans enjoy their fine collectibles but  accessories that will appeal to Oz fans on a budget are always welcome too. 

I've very much been looking forward to Cousin's releases.  I was very enthusiastic upon seeing their early designs.  While waiting for Oz, I went to check out their DC line at Michaels and Hobby Lobby so I could get a feel for their product.  Imaginative and good quality yet affordable for crafters and collectors.  I hope Cousin eventually takes Oz in the same direction.

Cousin DIY was kind enough to send me a few samples so I could see the product right away.  They have made their debut with a soft launch of 6 keychains. They are currently available on and will be at the Smithsonian.  

So far, I am happy with the final product. So much so, I tried to order the Dorothy keychain right away but she's out of stock for a couple of weeks.  The keychains have just enough heft. Not too heavy, not too light, but sturdy enough for everyday use. I  immediately put the logo keychain on the backpack I take to work.  I really enjoy product I can use to show my Oz love outside the confines of my Oz room.  I'm not always kind to my backpack and the keychain is holding up really well!  If they go forward with the design work I was privy to, I can say I'll be purchasing at least 7 more keychains.  At least.  I'm so hoping they'll expand into charms and jewelry. 

Valentine's Day and Easter are coming up soon.  The keychains would be great tucked among the flowers or in baskets. Someone clever could probably make a little bouquet of several keychains.  Tuck one into a birthday card.  So many ways to surprise!  If you don't want to use your keychains, they are nicely packaged for display.  I'm going to repurpose the card my logo keychain was attached to and use it for  bookmark.  

Please join me in welcoming Cousin DIY to the Wizard of Oz 80th Anniversary family!!  I'm hoping we'll be seeing much more from them very soon!  

Big thanks to Cousin DIY for the keychains!!  I absolutely love them and I know other fans will too!