Monday, March 25, 2019

Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2019

Glass with metal accents
3.12" wide by 6.56" tall

Plastic with solar motion
2.9" wide by 4.8" tall

Mini Wicked  Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch Ornament Set
Limited Quantity
1.32" wide by 2.24" tall

Plastic with red sequin fabric and gem accents
2.25" wide by 3" tall

Ornaments available July 13th. 
Follow the links to to learn more about the artistry of these ornaments and to add them to your Keepsake Wish List so you can reserve your ornaments with your local Hallmark. 
**The Limited Quantity Wicked Witch and Glinda are first come, first serve during ornament premiere**

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Jim Shore Wizard of Oz Carved by Heart

Jim Shore was kind enough to share a more detailed photo of his Wizard of Oz Carved by Heart masterpiece via social media this week.  No release date yet, but happy news nonetheless!!!  Carved by Heart pieces typically run around $100. It's pretty rare, if ever, to see so many characters represented on one figural piece. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Camelot Design Studios Debuts New Wizard of Oz Fabric Collection for July Release

Check with your local quilt shops 

Group Photo in Multi

Emerald City in Cream

Emerald City in Green

Glinda in Aqua

Wicked Witch in Black

Oz Logo in Green

Oz Logo in White

Posters in Multi

Ruby Shoes in Aqua

Ruby Shoes in Yellow

Dorothy in Purple

Check out the instructions for Hexi Quilt and Heart Pillow Projects

Monday, March 04, 2019

Funko Emerald City Comic Con/Barnes and Noble Vynl ExclusiveTin Man and Cowardly Lion UPDATED

THRILLED TO FINALLY SEE THESE GUYS!!!!  They were mentioned last year but it'd been so long I was afraid they were cancelled.  Whew!  They are adorable and will compliment the previous Dorothy, Toto, and Scarecrow so well.  I hope they continue the series and add Oz to some of their many fabulous lines.  

These are a shared Emerald City Comic Con/Barnes & Noble exclusive.  They may be a bit of a challenge to acquire either way. 

**Looks like original rules have changed.  There is a place holder online NOW.  RUMORED sales are tomorrow anywhere from 9 PM to midnight. Some stores are showing in stock, but you may want to call to check on sale times. Also the price is a little higher than originally thought.  SRP: $19.99**

I'm not 100% sure on the rules for Emerald City Comic Con but I believe there may be a lottery for a chance to purchase.  They will be on sale the first day of Comic Con, March 14th. Wow. A lot of preliminary info on this release was inaccurate.  For that, I do apologize, but it looks like they are still available online and check for stock at your local stores.  I haven't heard of anyone having difficulty acquiring these.  Whew!  They're super cute in person especially when they hook up with their other friends.  SRP $19.99.

In case you missed the first set.  They aren't very hard to find and they are super cute!!!

Cracker Barrel Wizard of Oz 80th Anniversary LP

80th Anniversary Picture Disc LP
Order online or via your nearest Cracker Barrel

Thank you to Joshua Duke for sharing this with the Wizard of Oz Collectors United Facebook group

Our Name is Mud Wizard of Oz Mugs and Teapot from Enesco

Wizard of Oz Glitter Mugs 
4.125" tall

4.475" tall
SRP: $28.00

Preorders accepted with Storyland Collectables. Contact via Facebook or website

ETA:  First week to mid July

Masterpieces Card Games and Puzzles

The previous Emerald City-opoly game and puzzles are still available this year along with two new card games and 2 new puzzles. 

SRP: $11.99

SRP: $7.99

Card Game Toy Fair Photos  Courtesy of Kroffty

Not shown at Toy Fair and catalog pictures are too poor to reproduce here (but from what I can tell I love the new imagery) are 2 new puzzles.  A 100 pc glitter puzzle SRP: $9.99 and a 1000 pc puzzle SRP: $14.99

Kurt Adler 2019

Estimated release times June/July

GORGEOUS Dorothy portrait stocking accented with red glitter cuff.  19" tall.  Stocking reads: You've Always Had the Power.  
SRP: $14.99

Wooden Blocks   5" Tall   
SRP: $6.99 each

Preorders for Stocking and blocks are being accepted now with Storyland Collectables.  Contact via Facebook page or website

Kurt Adler's website also shows a new Hollywood Nutcracker in sizes of 20" and 23".  These are usually over $100.