Friday, February 19, 2010

Vintage Barbie Assortment Toy Fair Photos

Mattel expands the Barbie Wizard of Oz 70th Anniversary line with four new engaging additions for fall 2010. The retro fabulous Wizard of Oz Vintage Assortment made their debut at Toy Fair. This collection bears the archetypal face sculpt that set the doll world afire in 1959. Their charming attire is reminiscent of Barbie’s debut era, yet still maintains a contemporary edge. Please enlarge the photos to better view Mattel’s excellence in detail including the Wicked Witch’s brooch, Toto and poppy appliqu├ęs on Dorothy’s skirt, and Glinda’s glittering butterflies and sparkling crown tipped coquettishly askew.

All photos courtesy of Michael Williams, photographer and correspondent for Haute Doll Magazine. Haute Doll is devoted to modern and vintage fashion dolls. The June 2006 issue ran a wonderful two part Wizard of Oz feature about Oz costume designer Adrian and the Wizard of Oz dolls from the Tonner Doll Company. To see more 2010 Barbie dolls please visit New York International Toy Fair

Wizard of Oz
retailer extraordinaire, Karen Owens, will be carrying the new Barbie line. Watch her new site for ordering info.

The trendy Barbie Dorothy was not shown at Toy Fair but can be seen in this previous entry.

Photos by Michael Williams/ for Haute Doll Magazine/

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Funko Plush and Bobbles from Toy Fair 2010

Funko expands their novelty licensing for 2010 with Wizard of Oz plush and bobble heads.
Both were shown at
Toy Fair this month.

Images from Toy Fair

Karen Owens will be carrying the Funko line. Please watch her updated site for pricing and ordering info.

Toy Fair photos courtesy of Paul Nicholasi. To see more Toy Fair coverage including comic heroes and villains, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Twilight please see

Saturday, February 13, 2010

2010 Barbies

Vintage inspired Barbies of the Wicked Witch, Dorothy, and Glinda SRP: $45.00 each Summer release

"Modern" Dorothy SRP: $35.00 Summer release

Thanks to Alison Rasmussen of Fashion Doll Review!!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Kurt Adler 2010

Glinda and Wicked Witch Christmas Tablepieces! I so hope they do the rest of the characters! These photos are hard to see so I'll describe as best I can. Glinda is wearing a bit of fur that matches her magnificent gown. She is carrying a gift and it looks like there's a snowflake at the top of her wand. The Wicked Witch seems to have a bit of holly on her hat and the hour glass she is holding has a gift tag hanging from it. She has candy canes sticking out of her pocket and her skirt is embroidered with snowflakes. Wouldn't it be cute if the gifts they are carrying are from each other? I'm happy to see some originality with regards to Christmas in these pieces.

Dorothy Spinner Tablepiece

Wicked Witch Crystal Ball Tablepiece

Wooden Wicked Witch Tablepiece

87 MM Lighted Waterglobes. The illustrated Oz characters are adorable!

M&M ornaments. Dorothy is a bit odd looking but these will probably be popular just because they are M&Ms. Hopefully, down the line, they can do pieces that more resemble the film characters.

9 1/2" Glinda and Ruby Slipper Tassle Ornaments

12 inch Dorothy and Glinda Christmas Wall Plaque

20 inch long modern Wicked Witch of the East stocking

Ruby Slipper Light Strands

The light up Ruby Slipper stocking that was sold at F.Y.E. for the 2009 holiday season will be in wide release now. Watch Karen Owens' site for pricing and ordering info.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Goodreau Dorothy 2010

New from Paulette Goodreau for 2010. Anna Mae from the ABC series as Dorothy as seen in the April 2010 issue of Dolls Magazine. Love the Denlsow Toto and Dorothy's striped socks. Very, very cute! Doll should be vinyl and 12" tall. Priced around $108.00. I'll update this entry as more information becomes available.

Monday, February 01, 2010

2010 Tonner Doll Company & Madame Alexander

Doll Company

8" Dorothy Gale Premiere in the 8" Wizard of Oz Collection Edition of 1000
SRP: $59.99

Madame Alexander

8" Town Crier SRP: $79.95

8" The Wizard of Oz SRP: $89.95

8" Emerald City Townswoman SRP: $79.95

18" Cloth Dorothy, Glinda, and Wicked Witch SRPs: $29.95 each

Toto SRP: $14.95

Oz Tote
Formerly an exclusive for FAO Schwarz, Dorothy is a cloth 11" doll accessorized with Glinda and Wicked Witch costumes with wigs. SRP: $54.95