Monday, November 14, 2011

Magic of Oz Quilting Treasures/Cranston Village Witch Apron

Magic of Oz is due to hit stores any day now.  Quilting Treasures is only available through independent shops not mass market retailers.   Enlarge photos for more detail.

Cranston Village Wicked Witch Apron Panel available at WalMart now

Jersey Jack Emerald City Limited Edition Wizard of Oz Prototype Cabinet

This is a photo of the beginning stages.  The playfield art is computer generated and not what the final product will look like.  Please enlarge photo for more detail.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ross Glasses by Vandor

Set of 21 16 0z. glasses   $5.00 per set

Dorothy/Ruby Slippers
Wicked Witch/Glinda

Currently at Ross stores nationwide

Thomas Kinkade Illuminated Panorama

Limited edition of 5000 stained glass panorama      Measures  22" W by 14 3/4" H
$199.95 plus $21.99 shipping

Lenox In Search of the Wizard of Oz Tin Man and Cowardly Lion

8 inch tall companion piece to In Search of the Wizard  Dorothy and Scarecrow
SRP: $170.00 

Jersey Jack Product Rendering and Development Updates

Jack says "The whole idea of this bumper was to have a little game beyond the game. I love to nudge the games I play and this bumper gives that opportunity to complete a mode for a really cool reward."

Jersey Jack Pinball is happy to announce Jean-Paul (JP) de Win as the Graphic Designer/LCD artist for the Wizard of Oz Pinball Machine. While studying at The Design Academy in the Netherlands, JP discovered he enjoyed computer graphics and 3D animation and was soon offered an internship in the graphics department Williams right after the release of Pin2000. However, after only two weeks after his start, Williams decided to close down its pinball department. JP then continued his half year internship at Midway Games designing touchscreen games under the supervision of Greg Freres.

Back in Holland, JP finished school and worked for several Dutch broadcast companies in Amsterdam where he specialized in motion graphics for on-air promos and program packages. In 2010, JP started his own company working as a freelancer called JP Design.

JP says, "I really appreciate Jack's courage to hire somebody on the other side of the ocean. Skype and internet enable me to work closely with Greg and the team and now I can finally work in pinball and fulfill my ambition of working in the industry. It's a great honor to be the first LCD artist for a pinball machine, thanks to Jack!"

Jack says "We are thrilled with what JP has produced for us so far. He is an extremely talented individual who is going to help us take pinball to the next level. "

To see some of JP's work visit

Dorothy's House pre-twister designed by Dennis Nordman

Updated State Fair Balloon Pop Bumper

Prototype Etching of Wizard for  Throne Room

Renderings of the Emerald City Pinball Machine

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