Monday, May 28, 2007

May Updates

The June/July issue of Doll Reader magazine features the Wicked dolls on it’s cover to coincide with the release of both dolls this month. The article refers to the dolls as a series so I suspect more are in store. Check your local newsstands or doll shops.

Breygent Marketing’s Series II Wizard of Oz trading cards was released earlier this month. Get ‘em while you can. Series I sold out very quickly and the second series is supposed to be even more limited. There is a new binder, Prop cards, Munchkin autograph cards, sketch cards and five chase card sets. The chase card sets include 9 Character Cards, two different sets of 9 Puzzle Cards, 11 Magical Places Cards, and 11 Munchkin Cards. The new binder includes an exclusive card while there’s yet another card on the bottom of the boxes.

Hallmark Dreambooks are in stores now. Check with your local store to reserve your Oz ornaments and ask about their limited ornament selling policy. The Winged Monkey limited ornament titled Toto’s Great Escape is definitely going to be hot and hard to find.

Judy Garland’s first movie and only film for 20th Century Fox Pigskin Parade is now available on DVD. Special features include a brief documentary or interview with Judy’s daughter Lorna Luft. Definitely a release Judy fans will not want to miss.

For those still in search of the Winkie/Flying Monkey Giftset from Mattel, they are available online again from Toys R

A few different Oz shirts are showing up. The girls and juniors designs from Hybrid (check my earlier entry are showing up on eBay so be sure to check out Kohls and Target. I’ve also noticed an additional design of the Emerald City in girls’ sizes. And there two new Wizard of Oz shirts from Junk Food Clothing. Oz collectors may recognize the designs from children’s records.

Karen Owens alerted me to some ADORABLE Wizard of Oz mice figurines that will be available exclusively at Fairy Tales in September. Please see their website for details. Click on Event Pieces and Attendee Pieces to see all of the pieces in the collection.

Jim Whitcomb found a new book and a new plate series.
Oz in Perspective: Magic and Myth in the L. Frank Baum Books by Richard Tuerk
Looks like a must have for fans of the original Oz series.

Jewels of Oz Collector Plate Collection

May’s been a busy month for Oz collectors and I expect the next few months to be just as busy with the Hallmark ornaments in July and not long after many companies will announce their fall lines and who knows what surprises may turn up. Always something happening in the Land of Oz. Stay tuned!!