Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gentle Giant Bust Update

News from San Diego Comic Con:

The Wizard of Oz mini busts made their debut. They have been slated for a Fall '08 release. Fall is quickly approaching so more definite details should be announced soon. I imagine they will be 1/6 scale like the Harry Potter and Star Wars busts, standing approximately 6 1/2" to 6 3/4". Suggested retail price is $55.00. Definately affordable for the average Oz collector.

A poster on the Gentle Giant forum has said the larger busts that have been on display throughout the year were mock ups to portray how the final product should appear. Gentle Giant is considering releasing the larger versios if the sales are brisk enough for the smaller ones. Gentle Giant has wonderful artisans and I expect the Oz busts will be popular in any size. No updates to report on the Flying Monkey sculpture yet.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cinar Pt. 1

Of all the animated adaptations of the Oz stories, Cinar's Wonderful Wizard of Oz series appears to be one of the most popular. I believe I've seen the most collectible tie-ins with this particular cartoon.

DVDs, Etc.

Books and Comics

One of four small PVC figures from Spain

I watched The Wonderful Wizard of Oz for the first time and I thought the four main characters possessed a certain charm. Though for the most part the supporting characters were uninspired, the animators employed a creative, if a bit odd, choice of coloring. The Emerald City was blue and white. The magic shoes were neither silver or ruby, but they did glow pink at times. The golden cap was red and Glinda looked more like Pinocchio's Blue Fairy. Despite the eccentric palette, the cartoon proved to be an enjoyable watch.

I found a surprising number of websites dedicated to Cinar and the Wonderful Wizard of Oz cartoons:

Cinar Pt. 2



A company from Taiwan produced some lovely collectibles last year.

Friday, July 11, 2008

April Tin Man Entry Figurines Pt. 1

1.) Kurt Adler 7" fabric mache 1999

2.) Lenox 9 1/2" china with 24K accents 2004

3.) Kurt Adler 6" resin 2004

All of these pieces are from Westland Giftware and are resin unless otherwise noted.
4.) 7" 2004

5.) 3 3/4" 2006

6.) Pewter 3 3/4" 2006

7.) Pewter 31/2" 2007

8.) 3 3/4" 2003

9.) 7 1/4" 2006

10.) Wade 3 1/2" porcelain edition of 500 2004

11.) Shelia's 1 3/4" wood 2001

12.) Franklin Mint 4" Tesori porcelain 1989

13.) Westland Giftware 3 1/2" resin Tin Cow 2002

14. Dave Grossman 7 1/4" cold cast marble sculpted by Michael Roche 1989

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

New Cloth Dolls from Madame Alexander

These dolls are really cute! They measure 18 inches doll and should retail around $60. Projected release is for November. Just in time for Christmas!