Saturday, July 22, 2017

Funko Oz Sneak Peek From Comic Con

Funko is overall one of my very favorite collectible companies.  The quality and imagination they put into their product is just awesome!!  I'm very happy to see them return to the Land of Oz!! 
No release date or pricing info as of yet, but stay tuned.  
Funko just prior to Comic Con announced the addition of a new line of product called Vynl.  The first sets debuted were Jason/Freddie of horror movie fame, Masters of the Universe He-Man and Trap Jaw, and Nightmare Before Christmas' Sally and Jack.  Funko announced more releases and previewed the concept art for Dorothy, Toto, and the Scarecrow. They should be about the size of Funko's popular Pop line and it looks like they will come in packs of two.  Or three, since it looks like Toto will be included.  I hope Funko expands Oz into more of their vinyl and plush lines!! I can't express enough how thrilled I am Funko is producing Oz again!!!!!

Info and Photo Courtesy Mr. Kroffty.  Thank you SO much for allowing me to spread this joyous news!! 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hallmark Ornament Premiere 2017

 I was there just before store opening, I grabbed my limited Scarecrow, did a quick browse and waited in line a solid hour just to check out.  Sadly,  I may have been one of only a couple people purchasing the Scarecrow.  They had a lot left when I checked out and I didn't see many people with any Oz ornaments at all.  I didn't see very many non Oz collectors buying ornaments online either.

It's sad to say the overall quality in the Hallmark Oz ornaments has really gone down over the years.  There has also been a lack of originality in the line.  The Apple Tree ornament is wonderful to see and people have been wanting that particular scene for a long time, but still the quality isn't great and the audio clip is just awful.  I would much prefer the ornaments to stay silent if they are unable to acquire the actual film clips.  Sentiments expressed by many in the Oz community for a long time and I finally have to agree.
On the Hallmark website you can click on the individual ornaments and there is a place for reviews and comments.  I VERY strongly urge their opinions.  Let Hallmark hear you.  Don't be belligerent but please do leave constructive criticism and let them know the audio has been unsatisfactory for some time now. They would be better to focus on overall quality and originality of the ornament.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz on Boomerang NOW & DVD Release

I haven't had an opportunity yet to watch online.  I'm planning to hold out for the DVD but the clips and the characters I've seen so far are beyond ADORABLE!!  Have a look below.


Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: Season 1 Vol. 1
November 28
SRP: $9.99


San Francisco Music Box Witch Hat Waterglobe

San Francisco Music Box has just re-issued one of their best pieces.  Great news for those of us that missed it the first time.  The Witch Hat Waterglobe plays Optimistic Voices as the Winged Monkeys and Dorothy rotate inside.  The piece measures 11" tall and 10" wide. 
SRP: $140.00

Bradford Exchange Wizard of Oz Ornament Collection

Ornaments measure 4" to 5" high.  
Each Issue $59.99 plus $9.99
Item no: 904958

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hallmark Premiere Reminder and Correction

Wow, time goes fast!!!   Hallmark Ornament Premiere is THIS weekend.  Check with your local Hallmark store for hours and get there early for best selection.   There were to be two limited ornaments this weekend but "due to unforeseen circumstances"  the Dorothy miniature has been pushed back to Ornament Debut in October.   All other Oz ornaments are releasing as scheduled.