Friday, August 31, 2012

Chesterton Wizard of Oz Festival Auction

September 15 2012
Chesterton Middle School
651 West Morgan Ave.
Chesterton, IN 46304
$4.00 per person                 16 and under: Free
7:00 PM - 10 PM
Find that one elusive item to fill a hole in your collection or be among the first to grab the newest items on the market.  Dolls, figurines, toys, kitchenware, jewelry, plush, holiday decor, art, unique hand made items, a larger than life Wicked Witch of the West, and memorabilia autographed by original Wizard of Oz cast members Margaret Pellegrini, Clarence & Myrna Swensen, Danny Windsor, and Karl Slover.
Be sure to stop by the International Wizard of Oz Club booth to see the new plush Toto from Steiff!!  Ask about Steiff's special offer for International Wizard of Oz Club members.  Also on display at the International Wizard of Oz Club booth is the stunning art of Thomas Kinkade "Dorothy Discovers the Emerald City"  This piece truly is breathtaking in person. 
Adora 18 inch Wicked Witch of the West & Glinda

Gemmy Wicked Witch of the West   Over 6 ft tall!!!

Mattel Wicked Witch of the East
 San Francisco Music Box Horse of a Different Color
Plays a sound clip from the movie!
Festival poster autographed by Munchkins and framed with medal by Barbara Huddleson!
Westland Giftware Dorothy & Glinda 12" x 12" canvas wall art
Tarina Tarantino Wicked Witch of the West necklace from the My Pretty collection
Hand made reproduction Flower Pot Munchkin costume by Shawn Ryan.  Will be autographed by Margaret Pellegrini
Tonner Doll Company Flower Pot Spectator     Introduced in 2009 in an edition of 500.   Long since sold out.  Autographed by Margaret Pellegrini

Many more items donated by:
Desperate Enterprises
Paper House Productions
Advanced Graphics
Tarina Tarantino
Noble Collection
Warner Brothers Consumer Products
Westland Giftware
Wilde Imagination
Department 56
Madame Alexander
Trensetters, Ltd.
San Francisco Music Box
Kurt Adler
Ashton Drake
PPW Toys
Rubies Costumes
Bradford Exchange
Duneland Business Initiative Group
International Wizard of Oz Club
Margaret Pellegrini
Myrna Swensen
Karen Owens
Shawn Ryan
Barbara Huddleson
Curiozity Corner
To see more auction items please pick up a program at the Storyland Collectables booth or better yet attend the Saturday night event!  All of the items could not be shown and isn't it always better to see things in person?!  Happy Bidding!
For more information on The Chesterton Wizard of Oz festival please visit the official website


Gemmy Wicked Witch of the West

Officially licensed Spirit Exclusive
Plays music and 7 phrases from the movie
80.71" H x 23.62" L x 19.69" D


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tonner Fall 2012 Tornado Traveler Dorothy

Tonner continues to re-invent the Oz characters in interesting and unique ways this time as steampunk characters!   Dorothy and the Not Afraid of Anything Scarecrow are the new introductions.  Unfortunately, photos of the Scarecrow are unavailable at this time, but you can read his details here.   Both dolls are editions of 500.

Dressed Doll
Face includes hand-painted details
Fine quality vinyl and hard plastic
Judy Garland head sculpt
Cheerleader body
Tyler skin tone
Brown painted eyes
Brown rooted saran hair
Brown faux leather hat with black ribbon trim and antiqued gold buckle
Gold molded goggles
Brown faux leather choker
Brown faux leather bolero
 Brown faux leather corset dress with white bodice
White and blue checkered skirt with brown faux leather straps
Brown faux leather belt with bottle holder and green decorative bottle
Brown faux leather gauntlets
Blue striped tights with attached panties
Brown faux leather spats
Red glitter canvas shoes with red rhinestone decoration

Edition of 500  Tornado Traveler Dorothy is $179.99

Monday, August 20, 2012

Potato Head Witch and Singles

Witch coming in October, how appropriate!!!

Singles available in November at select outlets. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

ICUP Fall 2012

An Oz ice cube tray!  I can imagine the fun folks will have with these!

The Dorothy/Toto "Be the Character" Apron,  the Retro Pint 4 pack, and There's No Place Like Home travel mug are still available.  Please see this entry to view these items.

You can pre-order the new items with Karen Owens at   Time to start stocking up for all of those 75th anniversary parties!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hallmark Good Witch/Bad Witch Halloween Re-Release

If you missed this items last year, they've come back for an encore!!!!

Good Witch Bad Witch Gifts
Ruby Red Slipper Wine Bottle Holder: $29.95
Wine Charm Set: $12.95
Coaster Set: $29.95
Trivet: $9.95
Spreader Set: $9.95
You Think I’m Wicked Mug: $9.95
Wine Bottle Charm Assortment: $9.95
All available at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Steiff Toto and International Wizard of Oz Club Promotion

Steiff introduces Toto for fall 2012.  He is a companion piece to last year's Dorothy teddy bear.   Like Dorothy, Toto is limited to 1,939 pieces.  He is 4.3 inches and adheres to the Steiff standards of quality. 

Lovers of the classic Hollywood film "The Wizard of Oz" will want to own Toto, Dorothy's beloved pet from the movie.  Toto is hand crafted from finest Steiff-Schulte mohair and has been delicately airbrushed to add to his charm.  Toto comes with a handmade wooden basket and blanket made of the same material as Dorothy's dress.  His facial features are all hand stitched.  Toto is officially licensed by Warner Brothers and is a genuine Oz collectible that should be part of every Steiff or Wizard of Oz collection. 

In addition Hollywood collectors and cairn terrier enthusiasts should love him too!! 

Dorothy was introduced last year but is still available.   She is 11.4 inches.

First released in 1939, it is one of the most beloved films of all time.  And now it's coming to life as a special Steiff bear, exclusively for North American and the United Kingdom.  We proudly present to you "Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz Bear".  A Teddy whose design is as classic as the film itself.  You'll love the traditional Steiff profile, the beautiful cream mohair, and all the special features.  Just like in the movie, Dorothy wears a charming blue-checked dress.  On her paw pad, the title of the film is spelled out in Swarovski crystal elements - reminiscent of the famous ruby slippers!  And naturally, Dorothy's music box plays "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".

 Steiff is offering a special discount for International Wizard of Oz Club members.  10% will be taken off your order of either Toto or Dorothy when you use promo code: SteiffOz12.   Steiff is also donating a Toto to the International Wizard of Oz Club Archives.  Use these links to order Dorothy and/or Toto.      for Dorothy     $285.00

Any questions can be directed to Karen Owens at
Further, Karen will have a Toto on display at the Chesterton Wizard of Oz Festival September 14, 15, and 16.   Toto will be at the International Wizard of Oz Club booth.  

To learn more about the International Wizard of Oz Club and Steiff please see these links:

Cranston Village VIP Fabrics

More fabric is planned in the WB Kids style

The current designs are available at WalMart, Hobby Lobby, Jo Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, and Hancock Fabrics

Bradford Exchange Lamp and Clock

Motion Activated Lamp
$119.95 plus $13.99 shipping    payable in installments
Item no: 115726001

Bewitching Hours Clock
$179.95 plus $18.99 shipping     payable in installments
Item no: 114586001

Bradford Exchange Online Wizard of Oz

Wicked Witch of the West Mrs. Potato Head

Coming in October!!!

The winged monkey originally scheduled to accompany the witch has been put on hold but hopefully we'll see him next year. 

The Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head set will be released individually for the holiday season.  The singles will be very limited appearing in grocery chains in November.   They can also be ordered directly through PPW Toys. 

Photos Courtesy PPW Toys

Toy Factory Plush Update

The Wizard of Oz Plush are available in two size sets.   9" to 11"  and 14" to 16"      Due to the popularity of these plush and the numerous requests outside of Toy Factory's typical customer base they have expanded availability.  They can be found in amusement machines such as claw games and museum, gift shop, and publication retail outlets.  I'm working on getting a list of retail outlets so please stay tuned!  This post will be updated as it becomes available. 

Photo courtesy Toy Factory

Monday, August 06, 2012

Madame Alexander Update

The September issue of Dolls Magazine has a lovely two page spread featuring the Madame Alexander and Marie Osmond dolls.  Author Sharon Verbeten states that while 75th anniversary plans are being kept under wraps for now there will be new dolls for this momentous occasion and in addition Warner Brothers will be announcing a new partner shortly. 

Madame Alexander was purchased by Kahn Lucas, but it will be business as usual.  Actually, better than usual.   Specifics are still closely guarded for the time being.  However, Madame Alexander is very optimistic for the future.   Madame Alexander's Director of Marketing and Licensing, Robynn Delin says "We are very excited about the new parent company as it allows Madame Alexander to continue to design and produce the quality product it had for  90 years.
We are developing new Oz product and continue to carry this line which has been an integral part of the Madame Alexander legacy. We are working with Warner Brothers with several initiatives for the anniversary."

Madame Alexander is in the process of evolving and settling in with Kahn Lucas, but new doll introductions will continue in February of 2013. 

For Madame Alexander history please see:  Madame Alexander and the Dolls of Oz
Alexander Doll Photos

Yellow Bricks and Golden Arches
Follow the Yellow McRoad

Madame Alexander Checklist 2006 - 2012

2006                   One of a kind 21" Glinda made for International Wizard of Oz Club

2006 - 2007        Off to Oz Dorothy with lunchbox  8"     #42420
                           Wendy's Wicked Ways with plush flying monkey  8"   #42410
2006 - 2008        Wicked Witch of the East   10"  #42400
2006 - present    Wicked Witch of the West    10"  #42405

2007                   Toy Fair Exclusive   Accessories for 8" Dorothy    basket with
                            gingham cloth and ruby slippers  

2007 - 2008       Lollipop Munchkin   MGM styled   8"   #45535
                          Munchkin Soldier     MGM styled  8"    #46345
                          Sleepyhead Munchkin   MGM styled   8"  #46350
                          Miss Gulch     10"    #46355
                          Wendy's Wizard of Oz Dress Up Trunk   #46365
                          Fall Intro     Lullaby League Munchkin   #47390

2007 - 2011     Wizard of Oz Tote     11" plush Dorothy doll with Wicked Witch and
                        Glinda costumes, wigs, and accessories  (FAO exclusive introduced
                        into mainline in 2012)    #40845

2007 - 2011       (available late 2006)  
                          Cowardly Lion   MGM styled  8"   #46330
                          Scarecrow    MGM styled  8"  #46335
                          Tin Man    MGM  styled   8"   #46340

2007 - present   Dorothy with plush Toto and ruby slippers ornament  8"  #46360

2008 - 2009       I'm Melting       Dorothy 8" with melting Wicked Witch  4"    #48485
                          Professor Marvel     8"  #48490
                          Winged Monkey  8"  #47400

2008 (Fall Introductions)   - 2009  soft sculptured dolls with hard heads          
                           Dorothy  18"  #49955
                           Glinda   18"  #49960
                           Wicked Witch   18"   #49965

2009                   Dorothy and her Ruby Slippers     10"    #50215
                           King Cowardly Lion   8" Edition of 750  #50230
                           The Wizard of Oz Rocks!    9"  #50240
                           The Wizard of Oz Lissy Trunk Set   #50220
                           (Fall Introduction)   Dorothy and Me  8"    #51530

                          Barnes and Noble Exclusive Soft Dolls   
                          Dorothy 8"    #51625
                          Glinda    #51620
                          Wicked Witch of the West    #51655

                          Sears Exclusive Dolls       
                          Dorothy  18"    #49715
                          Wicked Witch of the West    18"    #49725
                          Glinda    18"    #49720

2009 - 2010     Christmas Dorothy and Toto     8"    #50235
                        Oz Flower Munchkin     8"     #50225
                        The Gate Keeper    8"   #50340

2010               Wizard of Oz    8"     #51810

2010  - 2011    Town Crier      8"    #51805
                        Emerald City Townswoman    8"  #51815
                        Plush Toto     7"    #51660

2010 (Fall Introductions) - 2011     
                        Halloween Dorothy and Toto    10"     #60705
                        Halloween Wicked Witch of the West     10"    #60700
                        Halloween Wicked Witch of the East       10"    #60695

2010 - present    Cloth  Glinda   18"     #51665
                            Cloth Wicked Witch of the West    18"      #51675
                            Cloth Dorothy     18"       #51670

2011                  Dorothy in the Poppyfields       10"   #61610
                          Haunted Forest Wicked Witch of the West     10"    #61605
                          Magic Bubble Glinda the Good Witch     10"      #61615

2011 (Fall Introductions)  - present   
                         Winkie Guard  Tin Man    8"    #64195
                         Winkie Guard Cowardly Lion      8"       #64185
                         Winkie Guard Scarecrow       8"      #64190
                         Neiman Marcus Exclusive On the Yellow Brick Road Cloth Doll Set #62355

2012                 Emerald City Beautician    8"     #64395
                         Orange Lollipop Munchkin    8"      #65120
                         Munchkin General      8"      #64390
                         Scarecrow         8"        #64400
                         Tin Man        8"        #64405
                         Cowardly Lion    8"    #64410

For part one of checklist please see