Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2013

In addition to the Keepsake Club Exclusive Halloween Wicked Witch of the West,  there are 5 more additions to the Wizard of Oz line including a limited.   Ornament Premiere is July 13 - 14.  October Debut Weekend is October 5 - 6. Hallmark is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Keepsake Ornaments this year!
 We're Off to See the Wizard 75th Anniversary Tablepiece
Press the button to see the characters move and hear music
7 3/4"wide
Available October
It's a Twister!
Press the button to see tornado spin and hear music
4 5/8" tall
Available October
Cowardly Lion
4 7/8" tall
Available July

Lions and Tigers and Bears
Slide the lever to see characters move and hear dialogue
4 3/8" tall
Available July

Out of Time in Oz
Limited Ornament for July Premiere
Miniature set of 3 ornaments
1 1/2" tall each
Limited photo courtesy Digital Dreambook