Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Smithsonian Kickstarter Campaign for Ruby Slippers and Scarecrow Costume

Last week the Smithsonian Institution launched a successful funding campaign for the preservation and display of the ruby slippers.  The $300,000 goal was met in 6 days.  But the work to conserve the legacy of Oz isn't finished yet.  A stretch fund has been added so the Scarecrow costume can be displayed alongside Dorothy's shoes.  The Scarecrow costume was bequeathed to the Smithsonian by Ray Bolger's widow Gwendolyn per his final wishes after his passing in 1987.

Please donate what you can so many future generations can enjoy the spirit of Oz.  Every dollar helps. There are still ruby slipper donor awards available and there are now interactive experiences with Judy Garland/Wizard of Oz historian John Fricke. 

The ultimate goal is to have both the ruby slippers and Scarecrow costume ready for display in 2018 when the Smithsonian will debut a new exhibition 'On With the Show' in 2018.  The Smithsonian will also be celebrating the 79th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz.

Please see the links to learn more about the research and conservation.  

Links to my previous blog entries on the history of the Ruby Slippers at the Smithsonian.

Other Oz artifacts housed at the Smithsonian

So precious few artifacts are left from the filming of The Wizard of Oz.  The importance of preserving every single one can not be stressed enough. Monumental, HUGE, thanks to the donors!!!  The comments on the fundraising page are touching and amazing. It's wonderful to see such enthusiasm from outside the Oz community. The love for Oz knows no bounds. Nor does my gratitude for your generosity and support. Truly. THANK YOU. 

And THANK YOU to the Smithsonian Institution for being such a friend to Oz and insuring the rainbow never fades. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mondo Wizard of Oz Posters by JC Richard - On sale TOMORROW!

Mondo adds two more exquisite additions to it's Wizard of Oz collection of posters by acclaimed artists.  Mondo posters are printed on very high quality paper and really stunning in person.  They've selected the highest quality artists that capture the spirit and adventure of The Wizard of Oz.  

The Wizard of Oz by JC Richard
36" by 24"
Edition of 275

The Wizard of Oz Variant by JC Richard
36" by 24" 
Edition of 150

The posters will go on sale at a random time tomorrow Thursday October 13th at  Watch Mondo's Twitter page for the sale time. Good luck!!

Friday, October 07, 2016

10 PM Fashion Jewelry Additions with Curiozity Corner Discount Code

10 PM Fashion has added four wonderful new pieces to their Wizard of Oz collection.  I absolutely loved the first round of releases and I'm thrilled they are continuing.  I have these pieces in hand and will be adding actual product pictures later, but the photos 10 PM provided are marvelous and the jewelry is fabulous in person!!  10 PM Fashion jewelry is also very affordable especially with the 15% Curiozity Corner discount. And shipping is free within the United States. 

Ruby Red Slippers Charm Necklace

Ruby Red Slippers Earrings

Charm Bracelet with Ruby Slippers

Interchangeable Charm Necklace

Free Shipping in the United States
Order here:

For readers of the Curiozity Corner, 10 PM Fashion is again offering a 15% Discount    Enter code curiozitycorner and any Oz product in the shopping cart will be discounted.  

Thank You 10 PM Fashion for photos and discount to my readers!!!