Friday, August 26, 2011

Wizard of Oz at CafePress

Individuality is a trend that should never go out of style.  There was a time, not so long ago, when choices were limited to the mundane.  These days, originality is encouraged and embraced like never before.  Almost everything can be tailored to our specific needs and wants.  Cars, cell phones, household appliances, even contact lenses can be found in every color of the rainbow and in colors nature never intended.  It's cool to be custom.  CafePress recognized the growing demand for more personalized product and became one of the leaders of personal expression.

CafePress came about in 1999 when co-founder Fred Durham combined two of his nine failed business ventures.  One assisted small businesses in online sales and the other helped people print more effectively. 

CafePress is the ultimate customization experience.  They offer apparel, drinkware, posters, canvases and much more.  You design the product but CafePress handles the printing, sales,and distribution.  Their print facility is located in Louisville, KY.  They turn out about 10,000 products every day and each item is checked by a quality assurance team.  On the average, 160,000 new designs are created each week. boasts 11 million unique visitors every month.  And CafePress stands behind their work.  If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, CafePress offers a no questions asked return policy. 

Whatever your passion, you can design merchandise to suit your own style.  The sky's the limit.  If you love cats, host your own club, or need items to promote a charity, or you have a favorite movie, like say, for example, The Wizard of Oz, unleash your creativity and were your love on your sleeve.  Literally.

CafePress has teamed up with Warner Brothers to create the Wizard of Oz fan portal.  Currently, there are 376 Oz inspired motifs to choose from.  Put your imagination to the test and submit your own designs. Just be sure to read the rules first.  Shown below are samples of the fan designed Oz wares.


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