Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Info and Pricing for June Updates

Redbat Talking Keychains $9.99

Good Witch Mini Magnetic Frame #VN71203 4.5 x 3.5" $5.49
WW Travel Mug #VN71151 6.25" tall $18.49
Two Mini Tins (not pictured) $1.99 each
Lunch Box Salt & Pepper #VN71033 7x 3.5 x6" set $25.49
F lying Monkey Salt & Pepper #VN71132 4.5x2.75x4"h $20.49
Glinda Wall Sticker Set 2 pages #VN71172 16 x16 " $32.49
Click your Heels Sticker #VN71272 36 x 9.25" $32.49
There's No Place Like Home #VN71372 24 x8.5" $30.49

Good Witch/Bad Figure 5" #WL17127 $40.00
It's all about the shoes 1.75" #WL17128 $17.49
Ruby Slipper Tealight 3" #WL17130 $22.49
Wicked Witch Legs Frame holds 4 x 6" photo # WL17131 $25.49
Wicked Witch Legs house Frame holds 3.5x 5" photo #WL17132 $24.49
Wicked Witch Crystal Ball Bank 6.25" #WL17135 $46.00
Wicked Witch Legs Bank 7.25" #WL17134 $22.49
Toto with slippers Bank 5.75" #WL17133 $15.49

Or email Karen Owens at storylandmi@aol.com for more info on these and other great Oz collectibles.

Mid-June Updates Pt. 1

Lots of new releases and more are expected soon.

Redbat has talking keychains, shotglasses, games. More characters and fun stuff to follow. I'm having trouble with the photos. This evening they have a mind of their own. Please keep scrolling down to see all of the photos and part 2 of the Mid June updates. Click on photos to enlarge.


It's All About the Shoes Frame

Flying Monkey/Hourglass Salt and Pepper Set

Lunch Box Salt and Pepper Set

Glinda Wall Stickers

Quote Wall Stickers

Wicked Witch Travel Mug

Everything on this page and most on the following page can be ordered from Karen Owens. Email storylandmi@aol.com for more info.

Mid June Updates Pt. 2

The pictures for this entry went a little whacky on me this evening. Please keep scrolling down for some great stuff and as always more to come so stay tuned!

Partware additions coordinate with Hallmark partyware sold exclusively Celebrate Express
However the edible image, ruby slipper clips and cupcake rings can be purchased from Karen Owens.

Hallmark Birthday Card

When opened the card plays Miss Gulch's theme. To see the inside of this card and other Hallmark Oz cards please visit my Hallmark Album. Photo and info courtesy Robyn Bodine.

Westland Giftware
Good Witch/Bad Witch Figurine
It's All About the Shoes Figurine
Ruby Slipper tealight
Toto with Ruby Slippers Bank
Witch Legs Frame
Wicked Witch with Crystal Ball Bank
Witch Legs Bank
Witch Legs Under House Frame

Friday, June 06, 2008

Lenox, Quilting Treasures, Autograph, and Disney

The June issue of Autograph Magazine formerly Autograph Collector has a lengthy article on the authenticity of Judy Garland signatures.

New boxes from Lenox

Karen Owens will be selling autographed copies of Jerry Maren's new book for $24.95

The Follow the Yellow Brick Road Series from Quilting Treasures will be shipping in July. You can see this line of fabrics here: http://curiozitycorner.blogspot.com/2008/04/hallmark-and-quilting-treasures-updates.html

Quilting Treasures has expanded their fabric line to include two wallhangings and a collectible tin of 5" x 5" fabric blocks from the Over the Rainbow Collection along with instructions for making an apron.

Jim Whitcomb made this next fabul'oz find. A very special limited edition pin from Disney.