Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hallmark 2016 Keepsake Ornaments

Premiere - July 9 - 10
Emerald City
Lights up, plays 'We're Off to See the Wizard'
4.4" tall by 3.1" wide

Ruby Slippers
Lights up
2.65" tall by 3.72" wide

If I Only Had A Heart
Plays 'If I Only Had a Heart' performed by Jack Haley
4.92" tall by 2.31" wide

It's a Twister
Limited Quantity Miniatures 
1 3/8" tall by 5/8" wide

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tom & Jerry Back to Oz Coming June 21

In 2001 Warner Home Video released the super cute Tom and Jerry Wizard of Oz.  If you haven't seen it you can see more info on this blog entry. WB is releasing a follow up in June that looks equally as adorable. 
JUNE 21, 2016
DVD Will Include Bonus Material​
BURBANK, CA (April 13, 2016) Get set for another oz-some adventure with animation's favorite tussling twosome, Tom and Jerry in Warner Bros. Home Entertainment's (WBHE) newest original film, Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz. Available in stores June 21, 2016, this entertaining family film follows everyones favorite cat and mouse as they return to the captivating Land of Oz for another exciting adventure with Dorothy, Toto, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Lion and their companions. Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz will retail for $19.98 SRP.
 Tap your heels together three times and prepare to journey over the rainbow once again, for another delightful adventure with the cantankerous cat and the mischievous mouse in Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz. The Wicked Witch of the West may have been defeated but its not long before a new villain emerges and threatens the magical Land of Oz! Only Tom and Jerrys brilliant antics are clever enough to take on this new adversary.
 When the Gnome King and his army surface from beneath Oz and capture the Good Witch, the wizard turns to Tom, Jerry and Dorothy for help. He brings them back to Oz to help stop the evil monarch, who has threatened to take control of Emerald City. Having wreaked havoc throughout Oz, the Gnome King and his army need one thing to finalize their conquest Dorothy’'s ruby slippers! Its up to Tom and Jerry to use their quick wits and clever schemes to save Oz. Dorothy's cherished friends, the Lion, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and her little dog Toto too, join in their valiant efforts. Will the Gnome King take over Emerald City or will Tom and Jerry’'s hilarious high jinks save the day? The result is a rip-roaring, fun-filled, magical adventure Tom and Jerry fans won't want to miss!
 The Wizard of Oz and its beloved characters have captured the hearts of fans for generations. With this fun new film, viewers will be able to reconnect with everything they love about Oz but in a whole new story, said Mary Ellen Thomas, Vice President Family & Animation Marketing. She added, Tom and Jerry are loved by kids and adults alike. We're delighted to release another beautifully animated film that features the hilarious adventures of these two beloved, iconic cartoon characters.
 Originally created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, Tom and Jerry emerged during Hollywood’'s golden age of animation and became one of the most popular cartoon series in existence. The shorts focused on the never-ending rivalry between Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse. The plots of each short usually center on Toms attempts to capture Jerry. Jerry however, is clever and quick on his feet, thus ensuring that Tom hardly ever manages to catch him. 
Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz is the second animated Tom and Jerry film based on the classic Wizard of Oz book series. The first film, Tom and Jerry & the Wizard of Oz, was released by WBHE in 2011. The Wizard of Oz is one of the most recognizable brands in family entertainment. Metro-Goldwyn-Meyers 1939 film adaptation starring Judy Garland not only became one of the best-known interpretations of the classic novel but also originated some of the most unforgettable music of all time. Additional films in the Tom and Jerry film series from WBHE include Tom & Jerry: Robin Hood and his Merry Mouse, Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes, Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon, Tom and Jerrys Giant Adventure and Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest.
About Warner Bros. Animation
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