Saturday, April 21, 2012

Marie Osmond's Adora Belle

Marie Osmond's signature character doll Adora Belle was introduced on QVC in 1991.  Collector's quickly took Adora Belle to their hearts and her popularity continues to climb.  Marie's personal make up artist/hairdresser, Kim Goodwin,  modified Marie's original sculpt to include Ozian characteristics and created adorable costumes as a surprise for Marie who naturally loved them.  In turn, she showed them to Warner Brothers, who was equally enthralled, and here we have one of the most charming Oz doll sets ever created.  The dolls will debut on QVC and then to regular retail a few weeks after.  They are 12" tall and made of porcelain. They come in boxes beautifully illustrated with Oz graphics inside and out.  They are editions of 1500 each.   SRP: $149.95

QVC  Release Schedule

Wicked Witch - Available Now
Glinda -  May 2012
Dorothy - July 2012
Scarecrow - September 2012
Tin Man - November 2012
Cowardly Lion - January 2013

Retail Release Schedule

Wicked Witch - Available Now
Glinda - Available Now
Dorothy - September 2012
Scarecrow - November 2012
Tin Man - January 2013
Cowardly Lion - March 2013

**Please note release dates are subject to change**

Friday, April 20, 2012

Madame Alexander On the Yellow Brick Road Cloth Dolls in Tote

On the Yellow Brick Road Cloth Doll Tote Set
Originally a Neiman Marcus exclusive
Dolls are 10" tall with printed faces.  Comes with Toto. 
 SRP: $79.95   

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hallmark Limited Winkie Guard

Winkie Guard
Available during ornament premiere July 14 - 15
6" tall     $17.95

Monday, April 02, 2012

San Francisco Music Box July 2012

The Great and Powerful Oz
9" tall
lights up and plays movie clip
SRP: $80.00

Ruby Slippers Musical Jewelry Holder
6 1/2" long
plays Somewhere Over the Rainbow
SRP: $45.00

King of the Forest
8" tall
plays movie clip
SRP: $75.00

Winkie Guards
10" tall
plays movie clip
SRP: $80.00

Horse of a Different Color
7" tall
plays movie clip
SRP: $95.00