Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hallmark Everyday/Giftware Sneak Peek

Coming Soon to a Gold Crown Store Near You...........

Ruby Slipper Wine Bottle Holder $29.95
"Release the Flying Monkeys!" Wine Bottle Opener $16.95
Here's to Being Good, Here's to Being Bad Wine Stopper $9.95
Wicked Witch Wine Charm Set $12.95
Wine Bottle Charm Assortment $9.95
Ruby Slippers/House Spreader Set $9.95
Wicked Witch Serving Tray with Spreader $16.95
Glinda/Wicked Witch Sentiment Plaque $16.95
Ruby Slippers Trivet $9.95 per set
Good Witch/Bad Witch Mug $14.95
Wicked Witch Mug $9.95
Glinda/Wicked Witch Coaster Set $9.95
Glinda/Wicked Witch Party Napkins $4.95
Ruby Red/House Wine Bottle Bags $3.99
Cowardly Lion/Glinda Wine Bottle Bags $3.99

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Miscellaneoz

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Annalee - Entire Oz line has been retired including 2011 introductions Munchkin Coroner Mouse and Munchkin Flowerpot Mouse

Tonner Doll Company - No new dolls at this time but three Oz dolls from last year were shown at Toy Fair so the Oz line is still being promoted.

Funko - Plush characters released last fall are adorable and fun!! They'd be a great introduction for the very young Oz set not quite ready for dolls. Coming late summer/early fall are three Pop! figures of Dorothy, the Wicked Witch, and the Winged Monkey.

Running Press - Click and Wish Kit

Workman Publishing - Wizard of Oz Scanimation coming this fall

Kurt Adler - The holiday merchandise from F.Y.E. has carried over into the 2011 mainline along with two new light strings of the Emerald City and Wicked Witch

Quilting Treasures Project Sheets

WoWindows - re-usable 3' by 5' window decor of Dorothy, Toto, and the Wicked Witch Final design is pending approval but you can see the concept here.

Pyramid America - 3 - D posters in various sizes. Some Borders stores carry the 24" by 36" size for $19.99

Paperhouse Productions - new scrapbook paper pack

Jersey Jack - Wizard of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition Pinball Machine coming this fall. Pre-orders are being accepted now.

Andrew Lloyd Webber's Wizard of Oz just opened and seems to be receiving mostly positive reviews. Souvenirs are available online.
WB - customizable gifts such as mugs, picture frames, mousepads, and address labels.

A nice assortment of calendars to choose from again. Mead - 2 wall calendars, engagement calendar and year-in-a-box calendar. Library of Congress will issue another Wonderful Wizard of Oz calendar.

Marvel Comics - Just released Oz Primer includes interviews with the wizards behind the marvels of these wonderful adaptations of L. Frank Baum's first three Oz books and a who's who in the land of Oz.

Bradford Exchange - Ladies jacket

Impact Merchandising - Wonderful Wizard of Oz shirts for men and women

Kirks Folly - very popular sparkly Oz inspired jewelry

Kids has added new wallpapers, coloring pages and icons.

Many more new items can be seen and pre-ordered with Karen Owens at

Thank you to everyone who keeps collectors appraised of new merchandise at the Everything Oz Club groups on Yahoo and Facebook and with personal emails. I'm very sorry for not acknowledging individually. Due to technical difficulties I've lost all my emails. I really appreciate everyone's contributions.
More exciting news coming soon!! Please keep checking back!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

First Edition Book Collection with Bookends

Who could've imagined L. Frank Baum's "wonder tale" about a lost little girl and her dog trying to find their way home would change American Children's literature and spawn a film that became a cultural phenomenon? Almost 111 years later, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz remains a beloved classic the world over.

Charles Winthrope & Sons has published Baum's entire Oz series as they originally appeared in the 1900s. Available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange Press, each book if faithfully reproduced right down to the full color plates and typographical errors. The collection is encased in new dust covers illustrating the beautiful Oz landscape. Bookends of Oz's central characters create a stunning display when combined with the lovely volumes.

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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Hallmark 2011 Ornaments Sneak Peek and More........

Three new ornaments this year. The Wicked Witch, Glinda, and a Poppyfield Magic Ornament. No photo available yet for the magic ornament but it shows Dorothy succumbing to the poppies. Mark your calendars for the Keepsake Ornament Premiere July 16 - 17.

Hallmark is branching out into an extensive Oz everyday/giftware this year. Ruby Slippers wine bottle holder, wine bottle opener, glass charms, bottle bags, ruby slippers w/striped stockings cheese spreader, double coffee mugs, trivets, napkins, plates, and more. I hear these items are mostly good witch/bad witch themed. Usually these items come out during premiere but it's thought they may be out sooner. They will be available at Hallmark Gold Crown stores.

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Congratulations Adora!!!

Every year during IDEX, the first event to debut new dolls for the year, Doll Reader magazine awards dolls of exemplary design the Doll of the Year Award or DOTY for short. Doll experts pick the most stellar designs from thousands of dolls. Not an easy task, I'm sure. This year Adora won 8 of these prestigious doll awards. One of the winners was the Cowardly Lion from Adora's debut Oz series in the Collectible Vinyl/Plastic Doll, Less than $175 category. The winners will be featured in the May issue of Doll Reader. The public will have a chance to vote either by mail in ballot or online. Show your love for Oz and make Adora's Cowardly Lion a winner! Watch for more info.

Joining the adorable toddler dolls will be three new styles of Dorothy, Glinda, and the Wicked Witch in 18" sizes. More info to come soon.......