Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Precious Moments Wizard of Oz Sculpture

Exciting new release for 2018!!  Hamilton Collection has attempted licensed Precious Moments twice before in 2014 so crossing fingers these get produced!  It's promising they went on the website so quickly after sending fliers out.  It's my hope Hamilton Collection will revisit the cancelled designs again.  

These figurines are just adorable!!!  The Emerald City stands at 18 inches and is a lovely display for 11 figurines.  

Item no: 907382001
$199.95 plus $21.00 shipping
Also available in five $39.99 installments
Call 1-877-595-9506 to order or visit Hamilton Collection online:

Big thanks to Goldie Owens Sutton for posting these on the Everything Oz Club Facebook page!!!!!