Sunday, March 30, 2008

Miscellaneous March Updates

Jim Whitcomb has informed me that the We're Off to See the Wizard Illuminated Motion Ornament Collection from Bradford Editons has been cancelled. Very disappointing. In my opinion, this series was going to be much better than many of their recent offerings. Hopefully, they'll reconsider and produce them for the 70th anniversary next year. See ornament ad here:

The Heavenly Handfuls are now available for purchase.

The dolls can be purchased separately. Karen Owens will be carrying all of the dolls.

Sci Fi's Tin Man 2 disc DVD release has a third bonus disc exclusively at Borders. The three disc edition will be available only while supplies last. Contact your local Borders.

Almost the entire Barbie line is sold out from Mattel. The Winkie can still be purchased from . I do not know if there are still plans to release the lullaby munchkin independent of the two witches.

Hallmark has another ozzy birthday card. The cover pictures a blue gingham skirt with a little girl's feet wearing white socks and "ruby slippers". The slippers are red glittered shoes that are a little scuffed giving the idea the shoes are much loved. The inside reads: "There's No One Like You....There's No One Like You.... Happy Birthday." The official Wizard of Oz logo is on the back. It was in the Snapshots section under Friend Birthday and sells for $2.29.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Updates Lenox, Games, Collectibles Today

Cowardly Lion Lenox Ornament $30.00 Pre-order with Karen Owens

The Glinda the Good Witch figurine holding charms previously mentioned here is now online.

Monopoly $38.00

Life $30.00

Pre-order now from Karen Owens

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wizard of Oz Monopoly 2008

A new Monopoly game is due out this spring. I'm looking for photos I can use on my blog. Retail should be around $35.00. The box is of course different, but at first glance not much else seems to be. The pieces look to be the same, but there are some different photos on the game board. This one should be more widely available than the 1998 game sold only at Warner Brothers Studio Stores.

Monday, March 10, 2008

March Tin Man Entry

To the best of my knowledge, there is no mass market merchandise other than the March 11 DVD release and the CD soundtrack. However, last summer the Sci Fi Channel launched an impressive advertising blitz. Please click photos to enlarge.

Comic books and candy pop rings were giveaways at Comic and Sci Fi conventions.

Various posters and banners heralding Tin Man's December premiere were displayed prominently in large cities around the country. The most ingenious display was at the Los Angeles International Airport combining the new characters from Tin Man with a little piece of familiarity from the original Oz story. Photo courtesy of Deb Dwyer Moderator of the Everything Oz Club

I don't know how the yellow brick was distributed, but one was sold on eBay. The text on the brick prompts you to visit Sci Fi's official Tin Man site.

In the weeks leading up to the mini series' debut the Sci Fi Channel distributed comics, t-shirts, and boxed board games for promotional giveaways.

Tin Man's extravagant press kit included a folder with press info and 2 screener DVDs, the board game, and a 31 page booklet with photos from the film and behind the scenes.

Another rare item is a set of 7 promotional trading cards. Each card pictured a Tin Man ad on it's reverse.

Entertainment Magazines published various ads and reviews. Videography, TV Zone #222, Starlog #362, and Sci Fi Magazine's December 2007 issue ran full length features. Tin Man was also the cover story for many television newspaper supplements.

Tin Man was a smashing success for the Sci Fi Channel and I expect the DVD release to be just as popular. I hope Sci Fi will be prompted to grant licensing for Tin Man merchandise.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hallmark 2008

Photos Courtesy of Marc (KCC Pursuit)

Friday, March 07, 2008

Hallmark Easter Card Correction

I've just been made aware of a miscommunication about the Hallmark Easter Cards. There was a bit of a mix up between Hallmark and Dollar General. As far Hallmark, there are only two Easter cards. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused anyone. I was going crazy looking for a third card. It happens sometimes, but continue to keep an eye on Hallmark. Undoubtedly they will have Oz greeting cards for many occasions to come.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Kurt Adler Glass Ornaments

More ornament news courtesy of Karen Owens. This set of figural ornaments is just beautiful and very reasonably priced at $60 a set or $16.50 individually. Please click on the photo to enlarge for detail.