Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Collectible Review 2005 Hallmark Ruby Slippers

The Ruby Slippers have become a whole new collectible entity unto themselves. A plethora of Ruby Slippers merchandise has flooded the market to drain pocket books. Salt & Pepper shakers , jewelry, umbrellas, suncatchers, music boxes, flower pot feet, banks, two documentaries, and a full length novel; all devoted to the shoes. One build an entire collection centered on the ruby slippers. They've gone from a pretty $13 pair of footwear to a cultural phenomenon. There seems to be more than a bit of mania surrounding the slippers. Sadly, a pair was even stolen from the Judy Garland Museum in June and have yet to be recovered.

There's something magical about Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments too. A holiday institution since 1973 Christmas just isn't Christmas without the purchase of at least one Hallmark ornament. Hallmark has produced an array of Oz ornaments since 1994, but it's the ruby slippers that seem in constant high demand. A set of miniature ruby slippers from 1999 are listed in a Hallmark value guide at a whopping $84, but can be had on eBay for around $20. However, around the holidays the price tends to rise.

Hallmark made a larger pair of light up ruby slippers for 2005 available only to Hallmark Keepsake Club members. They completely sold out by October and unfortunately many Hallmark and Oz collectors missed out. Many orders placed early in the year were lost due to a computer glitch, but this ornament has been selling for an average of $54 on eBay.

This year there is another miniature ornament of the ruby slippers accompanied by Glinda's accoutrements. These will be available beginning July 15th along with two other Oz ornaments. Be sure to mark your calendars!!!!