Friday, December 01, 2006

Ozu no Mahôtsukai Pt. 2

Sanrio's Hello Kitty has taken a few trips down the yellow brick road with a variety of merchandise including stickers, note paper, and plush. A slightly altered version of the plush was also available in the United States.

Finally, no blog of mine would be complete without a couple of dolls.

Introduced June of 2006 this is Petite Rainbow Wish Blythe. Measuring in at a tiny 4 1/2 inches this adorable Dorothy inspired doll features sleep eyes. "One day, I wondered in to a magic world, I made many friends from countless adventures, But the time has come to return home, Before the rainbow disappears, I will go home with my red shoes"

This is Over the Rainbow Jenny from the 1987 Movie Musical Heroines Series by Takara. She is Japan's version of Barbie standing a little smaller at 10 inches. She used to be Barbie until Takara lost the rights in 1985 to use the name Barbie. The popular doll was newly christened Jenny and the doll line continued.

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