Sunday, February 25, 2007

Happy Meal Madame Alexander Dolls

Madame Alexander Happy Meal toys have been very popular promotions for McDonald's. Doll collectors and children seem to adore the miniaturized Alexander dolls. This year the Madame Alexander toys are all based on the successful Wizard of Oz line. This will undoubtedly be a hugely popular promotion for both Alexander doll and Oz lovers. Thanks to Karen Owens, Kelly Pepin, Valerie Dunaway, Jim Whitcomb, Laurae Kozlik, and Deb Dwyer for breaking the news and regularly updating about these adorable little dolls. Teamwork and networking is after all one of the major themes of both the Oz novel and the MGM film. And now here's a first look at the first ever McDonald's Wizard of Oz Happy Meal toys. Coming to a McDonald's near you starting March 23. (don't forget to click on the picture to enlarge it.)