Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hybrid Tees

Hybrid tees has created a line of fashionable Wizard of Oz shirts in vibrant colors for girls and Jrs. The Jrs. sizes are available now at Kohls and Sears. The girls shirts will be at Kohls and some Targets in the near future.

Click on photos to enlarge for more detail.

The Jrs. Kohls shirt has a distressed look with the Wicked Witch of the East's feet under Dorothy's house with the Wizard of Oz logo and Glinda's famous warning "Be Gone! Before someone drops a house on you too." The shirt is accented with soft rainbow hues making a perfect casual look for spring and made with fabric that feels luxurious against the skin.

Shirt can be found in Kohls Department Stores or at

Sears carries a variant of the Be Gone shirt with striking red & glittered features.

A second style at Sears is emblazoned with everyones favorite emerald complexioned villainess (or with respect to Wicked fans...perceived villainess) striking an ominous pose in a bold green color with her menacing threat "I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too.'

Both of these tops can be found in stores or online.

My Pretty

Be Gone

A design of the Wicked Witch in flight should be on retailers' shelves soon.

Look for these girls styles soon in a Kohls or Target near you.

More expected this summer. I'll do my best to keep everyone appraised of new styles and where they can be found.