Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yellow Bricks and Golden Arches

Anticipation has been building since the first announcement from Madame Alexander at the International Wizard of Oz Club's Munchkin convention in August of 2006. McDonalds Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz Happy Meal Toy Promotion kicked off March 23rd. Miniature dolls based on Madame Alexander's perennial favorite Wizard of Oz line are free with the purchase of a Happy Meal or can be bought separately at most McDonalds'.

Characters on hand vary from location to location. Prices and availability depend on location, ownership, and volume of business at various restaurants. During week 1 of hte promotion many stores only offered dolls 1 Dorothy and 2 Glinda. Some collectors have been allowed to purchase entire sets at more high traffic locations. Dolls are priced from $1.00 - $2.49 plus applicable sales tax.

The 5" - 6" Happy Meal Toys are fine replicas of their larger counterparts. The dolls are plastic and cloth with rooted hair. They bear the hallmark Alexander doll faces and sleep eyes with four points of articulation so dolls can be posed. Each individually packaged doll wears an indentifying wrist tag. These charming dolls are very well done and not much detail is sacrificed for their small size. The Wicked Witch even has green eyes! They are well worth the minimal price especially considering the full sized dolls retail for $60 - $125. Easter is just around the corner and the dolls would be great for Easter baskets.

So tap your heels together 3 times and think to yourself 'There's No Place Like McDonalds' to pick up your Madame Alexander dolls today.