Friday, April 20, 2007

April Updates

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A new Wicked Witch shirt from Hybrid will be at Kohls stores in June.

If you have a little Dorothy deserving of some spoiling this darling jumper from Mulberry Street might be just the thing. Check children's clothing boutiques for availability, sizes, and pricing.

The Yellow Brick Road Adventures plate collection from the Bradford Exchange features engaging collages by Steve Chorney. So far the artist has completed four pieces of art, one for each of the main characters, with hopes for more. Steve Chorney should already be familiar to Oz collectors for providing the artwork for Franklin Mint's Wizard of Oz Screen Scenes Collection featuring the Wicked Witch of the West. You can see Mr. Chorney's beautiful work on his website To order the Yellow Brick Road Adventures plates please visit the Collectibles Today site

A new biography about Judy Garland by Paul Donnelley has a tentative released date scheduled in the U.S. for November.

Breygent should be releasing The Wizard of Oz trading cards Series II around the end of the month. Pre-order a.s.a.p with Karen Owens at if you are interested. I understand this series will be more limited than the first one.

And lastly it seems Kurt Adler does have a new Wizard of Oz polonaise piece for 2007. I'll post a better picture when one is available to me, but for now you can take a look on eBay.