Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hallmark 2007

Hallmark is certainly keeping Oz collectors busy this year. I imagine a lot of mom's received the first Wizard of Oz card with sound. A week before Mother's Day the Oz card was scarce. Upon opening the card you hear Billie Burke proclaim "There's No Place Like Home." Very appropriate for the intended holiday.

Four new ornaments were released during the Keepsake Ornament Premiere in July. Dorothy Gale, King of the Forest, and the Wicked Witch of the West were added to the main line.

The limited edition premiere exclusive ornament, Toto's Great Escape, proved to be very popular with many stores exhausting their stock the first day of sale.

A new line of party supplies is sold exclusively online at Celebrate Express.

Birthday cards by Hallmark Connections are available at Walmart stores in the Midwest. There is a card of the Cowardly Lion in addition to what is shown. Another foil card of the four friends on the yellow brick road was found at a Midwest Walmart. A blank die cut ruby slippers card is now sold at Hallmarks everywhere.
Trick or Treating in Oz

As excited as I was to see these online in February, nothing could prepare me for seeing them in person. Photos do not do this set justice.

Trick or Treating in Oz is a set of Looney Tunes characters masquerading as the Wizard of Oz foursome in pursuit of Halloween treats. Bugs Bunny, never one to shirk from sporting a dress and a wig, is Dorothy, Sylvester is the Scarecrow, Taz is the Cowardly Lion, and Tweety is the Tin Man.

Sculpted by John "Collin" Francis and Nello Williams, the details on these are amazing. The Cowardly Lion's curled mane and Bugs Bunny's hair are perfect. The glittery accents on each piece make them even more endearing. I daresay I like these ornaments 10 times more than the Oz mainline Christmas ornaments for this year. Though, they do come with black string for hanging, the ornaments are able to stand alone for shelf display.
This set is a bargain for $16.50. I keep hearing they are miniatures. They are not full sized ornaments, but they are larger than I expected. The individual Oz miniatures are Munchkin sized compared to the Looney Tunes and were more expensive at $7 each. You do the math.
This set will have major crossover appeal. The fans of Oz, Looney Tunes, Hallmark, cartoon, and movie memorabilia will want to add this set to their collections. I'm sure many casual Hallmark shoppers will succumb to the charm of this set and make an impulse buy.
Bear in mind, these are Halloween ornaments and so the availability will be limited to the Halloween season. I expect Trick or Treating in Oz will be a huge seller. Bravo, Hallmark for this ingenious set!!

Bugs is shown below with the miniature Dorothy from 2005 for size comparison.

With four more months left to go, who knows what else Hallmark has in store? Please keep checking The Curiozity Corner for the latest news.