Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hallmark Oz Pt. 2

For 1993, Springbok returned to the Land of Oz using the MGM movie as inspiration . The mammoth 2000 pc. boxed Follow the Yellow Brick Road Puzzle is a stunning collage suitable for framing.

Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments introduced the first four Wizard of Oz ornaments for the 1994 holiday season. Due to the popularity of the debut set (much to the delight of Oz fans), Hallmark has added on to the ornament line every year since. In addition to the regular line ornaments, Hallmark offered two ornaments sold only through the Keepsake Ornament Collectors Club, a tablepiece, a limited edition ornament, and Halloween ornaments. Shown below is the original set sculpted by Trish Andrews, Duane Unnuh, and Joyce Lyle. Also shown is the Wicked Witch background used to showcase the Wicked Witch and Emerald City ornaments for 1996.

The same people who collaborated on the 1993 puzzle, again teamed up for the lavish 1995 calendar. Hallmark later produced lesser quality calendars for 2000 and 2001.

Around this time Hallmark and stores that carried Hallmark merchandise offered reward stickers.

Harper Collins published The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum with a green velveteen cover exclusively for Hallmark in 2000. This 199 page volume sadly lacks illustration.

Also in 2000 a Oz lunchbox was added to Hallmark's School Days Lunchboxes line. The tin lunch box complete with thermos was 3/4 scale and was limited to 19,500 pieces.

Pictured in the 2006 Dreambook but not available for purchase until October the Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Table Decoration I'll Get You My Pretty is a three dimensional scene with motion, lights, and sound that re-enacts The Wicked Witch's frightening appearance in Munchkinland.