Friday, September 28, 2007

Halloween and Updates

Lots of news from vigilant collectors today! Ted, a reader of my blog, ordered the Wizard of Oz Village and passed along some info from the Collectibles Today Rep. The rep Ted spoke with referred to the village as The Wizard of Oz Halloween Village. Currently there are 6 shipments scheduled and the final pieces are still in development. The first three pieces are It's a Twister, The Witch's Castle, and The Tin Man's Cottage. Each shipment totals $90 which is payable in three installments. Again the item number for ordering is: 14-00302-001-B2P Please scroll down to see photos.

Speaking of Halloween.....Jim Whitcomb found a package of Tin Man Halloween beverage napkins on eBay. Oz collectors are out in full force searching for them. Details are a bit sketchy as to the characters available but right now it looks as if there are more than just the Tin Man and they have been found at WalMart. Like the birthday cards, these could very well be a regional thing so a lot collectors, myself included, will be scrambling to network to add these to our collections. Tracy Petroski found a Wicked Witch Halloween card at WalMart. WalMart seems to be the Oz Halloween Headquarters. Oz fans will want to keep a sharp eye on WalMart this holiday season it seems.

Karen Owens found a new Oz watch by Avon. The oversized face shows Dorothy on the yellow brick road. Watch features dangling ruby slippers and has a red band. It comes packaged in a snazzy gift box. The watch has been on eBay for some time and has yet to show up in the Avon catalogs but it is expected to officially debut in the Campaign 22 catalog and will probably appear on shortly after.

Jim Whitcomb was notified by Fairy Tales that the Wee Forest Folk Oz line has been expanded. The original set is still available in limited supply and now Glinda joins them along with accessories to accent the little mice, displayers, a sign, and a t-shirt. The lithograph is also still available. All of the Oz Wee Forest Folk are exclusive to Fairy Tales. Please see
for photos and ordering info.

Robyn Bodine has noted a couple of new items on the Current Catalog site. They have really cute personalized notepads and a notepad box.

The Lenox Dorothy ornament is a little differently styled than previously shown here. If you weren't planning to purchase because it looked exactly like the larger figurine you may want to reconsider.

Word is there will be releases of The Wizard of Oz on HD-DVD and Blu Ray within the next couple of years.

Hopefully, I will have more on the Halloween items in the next couple of days. I'll post as I get more info!