Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mid-May Updates

The Hallmark Dreambooks are arriving in stores now. Be sure to pick one up and start saving for the new ornaments. While in Hallmark I found a Father's Day card. Please see my Hallmark album for photos of this and other cards.

Jerry Maren's autobiography Short and Sweet is out now. I ordered a copy for Amazon and hopefully, time willing, I'll have a review up soon.

There are a couple of delays from Kurt Adler. The Steinbach Winged Monkey nutcracker is still in the approval process and the plush dolls have been removed from the release schedule for this year.

A couple of cancellations to report. The Scrabble Game and Hawthorne Village train set have been dropped.

Jim Whitcomb found this OZ-SOME new Wicked Witch sculpture. Dorothy is said to be next in the series.

I expect news of 70th anniversary items to be coming fast and furious any day now. I'm working on getting more info about the Happy Meal Toys. My next Tin Man entry is still a work in progress, but I assure it will be up soon.

Thanks to Karen Owens and Jim Whitcomb for always informing me of release schedule changes and cancellations.