Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Barnes and Noble Gets a Little Wicked

I was really excited to see a table full of Wicked items just sitting out in public. Wicked fans have had to wait until the show came to town or purchase online and hope what they ordered looked as good as the photo. I felt the items carried by Barnes and Noble were very reasonably priced. For example, the Defy Gravity Glitter Globe when purchased at the Ozdust Boutique is $75.00. The price tag in Barnes and Noble stores is $49.95. That's a heck of a savings! As of now, almost all of the Barnes and Noble merchandise can be ordered online except for the glitter globe, the boxed t-shirt which is $19.95 and the hat which is $9.95. Both the hat and t-shirt are black with the Wicked logo. This could change so keep watching Barnes and if that's how you prefer to purchase. The pen set showed up in stores first but has been added online.

While I was there the Wicked table was generating a lot of buzz. People were frequently stopping and commenting on the merchandise. It seemed everyone was excited about it and it drew people who knew nothing about the show. The Wicked merchandise will be on sale for a limited time so grab your broom or bubble and fly on into Barnes and Noble.

Special thanks to the Barnes and Noble at the Clackamas Town Center in Clackamas, Oregon for allowing me to take these photos.