Thursday, June 25, 2009

Museum Pt.3: Links, Sources, Acknowledgements



Ruby Slippers Page

More Ruby Slippers

Wizard of Oz Page

Video of Ruby Slippers Installation in Renovated Museum

Smithsonian History

National Air and Space Museum Display

Red, Hot, and Blue

America’s Smithsonian


Night at the Museum

Judy Garland Database

Judy Garland Live Performances

The Ruby Slipper Fan Club

Arabian Test Shoes

Smithsonian Page

Western Costume

Ruby Slippers owned by Roberta Bauman, Anthony Landini, and David Elkouby. These shoes are best known from having been on display at Disney’s MGM Studios from 1989 – 2000

Steve’s Auction Diary (Incredible!)

Steve’s Video from Auction

Philip Samuels’ Ruby Slippers

Just prior to shipping, Steve shot these videos of his Night at the Museum shoes

Marbles Kids Museum where Steve’s shoes are on display

Ruby Slipper Fan Club Discussion Group

Ruby Slipper Fan Club CafĂ© Press Shop – Show your love for the Ruby Reds and support the fan club at the same time!

Video of Oprah Winfrey Show

Oprah Winfrey Show Comments

Ruby Slipper Collection

Gorgeous Photos from Australia of most of the collection

Ruby Slipper Collection Stamps

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation

The Ruby Slipper Collection was repeated in Hong Kong benefiting the Hong Kong Cancer Fund

You can see all the shoes auctioned in Hong Kong here:


E! True Hollywood Story: Trail of the Ruby Slippers
A & E Treasure! Search for the Ruby Slippers


The Making of the Wizard of OzAljean HarmetzThe Ruby Slippers of Oz – Rhys Thomas

The Wizardry of Oz – William Stillman & Jay Scarfone
The Judy Garland Collector’s Guide – Edward Pardella

The Wizard of Oz: 50th Anniversary Pictorial History – William Stillman, Jay Scarfone, and John Fricke

Smithsonian Steps Out – Amy Pastan & Linda McKnight
America’s Smithsonian: Celebrating 150 Years

Red, Hot, and Blue: A Smithsonian Salute to the American Musical – Amy Henderson & Dwight Blocker Bowers

Newspapers & Magazines

Beyond the Rainbow Collector’s Exchange – July/August 1994
Hispanic Times – Aug/Sept. 1996

USA Today – Die Hard Items Donated to Smithsonian June 28 2007

Reuters: Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers get Designer Bling – Jan Paschel Sept. 5 2008

LA Times - Ruby Slippers Redux – Jan. 5 1990


Steve Jarrett – Ruby Slipper Fan Club

Smithsonian Institution Website


Thanks to Neil Rogness for the Presents heart shaped box photo

Thanks to Curtsy Bella Boutique and Kevin Wang for not only allowing the use of
their photos here but for their patience and taking the time to answer all of my

Thanks to James May, Krossbow, Kim Smith, David O. Garcia, Linnie, Gene
Bonventre, Deb Malewski, and lman1138 for the use of their photos

Thanks to Mat Wallis for my lovely graphics: I thank you very sweetly for doing
it so neatly!

Thanks to Steve Jarret……as I was following the yellow brick road he’d lain I’ve
fallen head over heels in love with the Smithsonian Institution and what it stands
for. Everyone has a favorite pair of ruby slippers, mine is now the Smithsonian
pair. I’ve learned a great deal about the ruby slippers and the Smithsonian and I
feel richer for it. Thank you!