Sunday, June 07, 2009

Westland, Tarantino Jewelry, Hallmark 2010 Sneak

Tarina Tarantino's new Wizard of Oz jewelry and handbag collection will feature styles of and based on Dorothy, Glinda, the Wicked Witch, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, and the winged monkeys. The Dorothy collection is made up of rainbow patterns mixed with emerald tones inspired by the Emerald City. Glinda collections use crystallized butterflies, opalescent bubble beads and silver stars. The Wicked Witch collection uses Lucite skulls in black cherry and emerald shades, tooth and claw shaped Lucite and metal spikes. The new Oz line also incorporates film stills superimposed onto Tarantino's signature Lucite stones, fashioned into pendants, key chains, and purse charms. A few pieces from the line will debut at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising museum with the Ruby Slipper Collection and Inspirations of Oz art.
The jewelry is expected to hit retail in July and August.

Westland's fall line up gives us lots to choose from. I think my personal favorite from this batch is the Winkie shoe!

Shoe Figurines

Picture frames

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Here's two of the six Fundex puzzles coming out this summer along with the various games.

Rubies has added quite a bit to the Oz line this year including new masks of the Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, flying monkey and these darling toddler costumes. More information on the rest of the line as it becomes available.

Skechers Cali Bits shoe charms. Priced around $10. Very cute but very difficult to find. I'm hoping to have more info soon.

Fifth in Quilting Treasures Wizard of Oz fabric series 'Wicked Witch's Castle' is due out any day now. To see more styles and to order please see these links:

Target has two new ruby slippers shirts in sizes Jrs. small - x large and Womens small - xx-large. Priced around $9.99

The highly anticipated Wilde Imagination Pop Goes Oz Collection is now available to order. Collectors won't be disappointed with the imaginative detail on these dolls. Don't wait too long if you plan to order. Each doll is an edition of only 500 and there's a lot of buzz in the doll communities. You won't find these dolls in stores. They are only available direct through Wilde Imagination.

New from the Bradford Exchange is the Illuminations of Oz series. Approximately 14 inch tall lighted sculpture with film scenes around the base. No photo yet, but I hope to get one soon. Item # 0108146001 $99.95 ea+tax and Shipping=$112.94 A total of 8 sculptures is planned. The Wicked Witch is first in the collection. Thanks to Jim Whitcomb and Lou for the info!!
Hallmark 2010!!! Some Hallmark Clubs are getting sneak peeks at select ornaments for next year. New for the Wizard of Oz is a Winkie!!! THANK YOU HALLMARK!!!!

The Judy Room has a WONDERFUL Wizard of Oz tribute right now. Lots of collectibles are pictured. Some from my own collection. Please keep re-visiting because as we take more photos from our collections more Oz items are released photos will be added on periodically. Thank you Scott Brogan for such a beautiful tribute and for giving me the opportunity to help out and share.
Please keep coming back. There should be more fall announcements soon, hopefully Blu Ray/DVD news in the next couple of weeks, and I'm sure some surprises.