Friday, August 21, 2009

August Updates

Japanese clothing company Uniqlo has several Oz shirts. There appears to be one shop in the United States in New York City. However, I don't know at this time if they are selling the Oz line.

Enlarge photo to see detail on Uniqlo shirts

Jim Whitcomb found this adorable shirt on eBay. I don't know where it can be found yet, but the usual suspects are Kohls and Target.

I'm sorry I don't have a larger photo at this time because the new Dorothy/Scarecrow figurine from Lenox is just beautiful!!!! Shown below is the Tin Man ornament. Both are new for 2009.
You can pre-order both pieces from
Karen Owens
Radko Muffy Vanderbear Wizard of Paws ornament Should retail in the $40 - $45 range
Cute glass ornament found by Jim Whitcomb on eBay. Hopefully it can be found in stores.

Mattel Wicked Witch of the East Barbie is now shipping! She 'plays' Ding Dong the Witch is Dead and she's packaged in a beautiful 70th anniversary box with the Gale farmhouse in the background. This doll has been misrepresented on Toys R' Us's website as an exclusive. IT IS NOT A TRU EXCLUSIVE. Something you may want to consider when purchasing. You can order here or anywhere else that carries The Wizard of Oz Barbies
A separate Wizard of Oz Sing- A -Long disc will be sold in the UK.

Warner Brothers Home Video recently announced a Wizard of Oz one disc. It has the same cover as the two disc so check your packaging carefully when you purchase.
San Francisco Music Box - Glinda with wand waterglobe and Wicked Witch with broom waterglobe have been cancelled. The Wizard of Oz animated box is delayed until next year.
Fairies of Oz by Jasmine Becket-Griffith Tin Girl is now shipping.

Wizard of Oz 70th Annivesary Wall Decor Art Collection First piece in the series, Dorothy, is now shipping
Stone Arch Books just released their Wizard of Oz graphic novel.

Hallmark Cards has a new Halloween card this year. It's purple with the Wicked Witch and Nikko with Dorothy in the crystal ball. Should be in the Across the Miles section and it's $1.99. Last year's Wicked Witch Halloween card and the Wicked Witch card with sound from the past two years are also still available.

There's Oz news just about every day right now. Check back for frequent updates!
Thanks to Jim Whitcomb, Karen Owens, and Lou Berrillo for the constant updates!