Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wet Seal, Hallmark, San Francisco Music Box, & Marvel

If you haven't been picking up The Wonderful Wizard of Oz comic series from Marvel you're doing yourself a GREAT disservice! One of the best adaptations of Baum's story in my opinion and Skottie Young's renderings of the characters are SO worth the price of admission! Issue 8 is definately worth it for the illustrations of the Tin Man brushing the lion's mane, Dorothy's tearful goodbye to her Ozian companions, and the joyful reunion with Aunt Em. A hardcover edition will be published this fall.

Not available on the website anymore, but check your local Wet Seal stores. These will be teen sized. The ruby slippers have rhinestone detailing. Priced around $15.50

Hallmark 2009 Inside reads: No Matter how near, no matter how far, these wishes will find you wherever you are! Have a Happy One! The scanner doesn't capture how pretty this card really is. The writing on the front is orange foil and the Wicked Witch, Nikko, and crystal ball are glossy. The characters are outlined in purple. I'd love to see more original art on these cards but at least they are putting in some fine details sometimes!

Don't wait too long to add this amazing piece to your collection! It's very limited and this piece drew the most excitement at gift shows. Karen Owens has this and other 2009 pieces in stock now!