Saturday, November 28, 2009

November Updates

I'm sad to report the Ruby Slippers Talbott tea was only made for attendees of the 70th Anniversary Gala Event in New York City.

Goodreau's Upside Down Oz Dolls have finally been released. Esmeralda (the Wicked Witch) won a Doll of the Year Industry's Choice Award while Glinda is a 2009 Dolls Award of Excellence Nominee.

Hallmark birthday card found at Safeway.

Earlier this year Kansas sold 70th anniversary lottery scratch offs. Now lottery tix are being sold in Rhode Island and New Jersey. New Jersey also offers a second chance drawing for some Ozzy prizes.

Import Images has several 11" by 14" glitter posters including the map of Oz shown below

Marvel's follow up to it's hugely successful Wonderful Wizard of Oz series 'The Marvelous Land of Oz' First four issues and alternate covers Sketchbook

NEW FOR 2010!!! Seven inch plush dolls retailing around $13.00 each.

Hot Topic Ruby Slippers Tee $22.00 Juniors sizes

Ruby Slippers fleece available at some WalMarts

Craft Project for Fleece fabric found at WalMart "Which Witch No Sew Fleece Blanket"

Wicked the Musical Grimmerie Bookmark $13.00

Bradford Exchange Swarovski Crystal Keychain $79.95 plus $7.98 shipping

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