Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Kurt Adler 2010

Glinda and Wicked Witch Christmas Tablepieces! I so hope they do the rest of the characters! These photos are hard to see so I'll describe as best I can. Glinda is wearing a bit of fur that matches her magnificent gown. She is carrying a gift and it looks like there's a snowflake at the top of her wand. The Wicked Witch seems to have a bit of holly on her hat and the hour glass she is holding has a gift tag hanging from it. She has candy canes sticking out of her pocket and her skirt is embroidered with snowflakes. Wouldn't it be cute if the gifts they are carrying are from each other? I'm happy to see some originality with regards to Christmas in these pieces.

Dorothy Spinner Tablepiece

Wicked Witch Crystal Ball Tablepiece

Wooden Wicked Witch Tablepiece

87 MM Lighted Waterglobes. The illustrated Oz characters are adorable!

M&M ornaments. Dorothy is a bit odd looking but these will probably be popular just because they are M&Ms. Hopefully, down the line, they can do pieces that more resemble the film characters.

9 1/2" Glinda and Ruby Slipper Tassle Ornaments

12 inch Dorothy and Glinda Christmas Wall Plaque

20 inch long modern Wicked Witch of the East stocking

Ruby Slipper Light Strands

The light up Ruby Slipper stocking that was sold at F.Y.E. for the 2009 holiday season will be in wide release now. Watch Karen Owens' site for pricing and ordering info.